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Warranty sheet/instructions from a Paul Drees razor

I recently acquired a NOS Sistrum by Paul Drees (other brands included Adresso and Dreifuss), probably from about 1970 for the Italian market. I thought folks might find the enclosed warranty sheet interesting.

It's written in German, French, and Italian-- and while the texts are very similar there are some differences that caught my eye. (Full disclosure, I don't read French at all so had to rely entirely on Google Translate for that section). I've attempted to translate the texts which I'll post below. The short version: all three have some self-promotional content, although with subtly different focus. The German section highlights the materials and the processes, the French, the company's reputation, and the Italian, the quality of the the materials, the artistry of the workers, and the performance of the razor. The other part was more interesting-- basically that if you don't like the razor, just send it back, we can't exchange or refund it if you have it honed. The exception is the Italian section, which doesn't speak to honing at all, just improper stropping. The Italian section also includes an extra line of stropping instructions about only flipping the razor on its spine while stropping. Makes you wonder if they got tired of getting razors returned that had the edges rolled from bad stropping technique. Similarly, the French and German sections go into a little more detail about how to clean and dry the razor, where the Italian section just say it should be dried well.

My amateur translations are below.

From German:
Each new “Adresso” or “Dreifuss” straight razor is ready for use, however it is recommended, the same as before use, to draw them on the strop. Lay the blade fully flat on the strop and draw the razor in the direction of the spine 8-10 times, both sides alternately, over the strop. Careful attention must be paid that the spine of the razor does not lift itself from the strop, because otherwise the edge will be spoiled.
After use, the soap is to be rinsed off and the blade well-dried with a soft, woolen towel, whereby care must be taken not to touch the cutting edge. Should a razor not deliver, it will always be because the hollow grind of the blade or the width of the blade is not suitable for the beard in question. We urgently request that you do not attempt to sharpen such razors, as we cannot exchange or take back razors that have been sharpened. We deliver each “Adresso” or “Dreifuss” straight razor under guarantee for an impeccable cut. The blades are forged out of top-quality* steel and uniformly hardened. Each razor has a top-quality* hollow grind and is subsequently hand finished** and has been subjected to professional control.

*in the original, "Ia. Stahl" and "Ia. Hohlschliff." I suspect "Ia." is an older abbreviation for "Prima" but I don't know for sure.
**in original, "ff Handabzug." "ff" is usually used to mean "and following [pages]" in a scholarly reference. "Handabzug" may mean hand-finished or hand-selected.

From French:
All our “Adresso” or “Dreifuss” razors are guaranteed and delivered ready for use. Our experience on this subject allows us to bring an incomparable quality to the market and the whole world has found that there is no better. Before using a razor that has been already used, pass it over the leather and move the razor in the direction of the back of the blade. Repeat the operation 8-10 times, on both sides alternately. Make sure that the back of the blade does not lift from the leather so as not to damage the cutting edge. After use, remove the soap, dry the blade well, without forcing it, with a piece of moist woolen cloth.
If a razor does not pass the test, it is always because the hollow or the width of the blade does not suit the beard. In this case do not have the razor sharpened, which would prevent us from exchanging it or taking it back.
It is in your own interest to always demand the genuine quality of the “Adresso” or “Dreifuss” brands and you will be guaranteed a mark of superiority.

From Italian:
Each of our razors bearing the “Adresso” or “Dreifuss” mark are manufactured from the best quality steel, tempered with the most perfected tempering systems, and sharpened by a specialized workforce chosen from among the best artists of the genre. Therefore they offer you a perfect and soft cut, maximum edge retention, and a sure result even for the most difficult beards.
Before using a razor that has already been used, it is necessary to lightly pass 8 to 10 times on the strop, placing it at the same time with the edge and the spine to prevent the edge from being rolled over, and turning it exclusively on the side of the spine without detaching it from the strop. Immediately after use, razors should be dried well.
If by chance a new razor does not satisfy you at the first test, that does not depend on the quality of the razor, but that the width or hollow of the blade is not suitable for your beard. We will certainly replace it as long as the edge is intact and not damaged by passing the razor over the strop.
So if you want to have the maximum guarantee of goodness and perfection, always ask for an “Adresso” or “Dreifuss” razor.


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This is really cool... I have a sheet like this for a NOS wester bros I fkn love, I should get the text for it.. perhaps I'll post pictures tomorrow
My Ribbon 1000 is one of my finer razors. So I decided to scan the sheet that accompanied my Ribbon 1000 and try to translate with google. Turned out it was quite easy to do, and now I understand why the factory edge is shave ready and tests well on HHT (if you read to the end.). It's a long winded sheet, but for those that are interested, read below the scan:


Book 41179 No. RIBBON
★Ribbon Shokai<

JPN razor is the only product representing Japan razor, that is, domestic razor as its name suggests, and whose true value can be questioned to the world. This razor is the ultimate in shaving, of course, but it does not damage the skin, which is a hygienic absolute requirement. This is because we succeeded in the heat treatment of cementite spheroidization, which was extremely difficult in steel making. Thing.
We have a special contract with Borrel, the world's top manufacturer of steel materials, for special steel for razors.
A teamwork of learning, experience, theory and technology, heat-treated and finished under skillful and meticulous work management, and passed rigorous inspections in each department. Permanence of its sharpness
We guarantee the excellence of our products.
production number
heat treatment
12 types of products, which are classified and produced to match the different skin and hair types of people from all over the world. (It is ideal if you can use the following 12 types properly)

Morphological classification (concave, protuberance, oblique angle)
Toughness hardness classification (+ optimal viscosity)
T. (quick) S.
(standard) standard
extra high High 〃 H-1 (Hard)
F. (Fine) Thin blade
F. There are 4 types on the right and 12 combinations)

Semi-high Same as above

3901 (production number) S.H-2.
This razor is designed with 20° as the optimum angle.
Reasonable circular wire blade (R blade is applied and the thread blade is given a fine finish.
(Handle)... A perfect product that is hand-made from acrylic material that does not bend or
bend. Case... Made of high-impact material that is beautiful, stain-free, and unbreakable.

after unpacking As mentioned above, this razor has undergone comprehensive
supervision, and has been carefully sharpened one by one with the best whetstones and
the best technology. Please use it as it is. This razor will last a surprisingly long
time. If the sharpness becomes somewhat dull, lightly strap it with a very good quality
strop. Wipe off the water well with wool or chamois and store it away from moisture.

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