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Warning Do Not Buy!

I recently acquired bottles of Crusellas' Don Dinero Auga de Kananga and, simply put, they are the worst-smelling colognes/EDTs I have ever had the misfortune of smelling.

I won't even try to decribe them beyond saying that both smelled like rancid cough syrup. I would not ever apply either of these products - even if I smelled like something that had been dead for 48 hours in the August heat.

I know these are cheap products ($4 for 7.5 ounces - I bought them blind from another member, so didn't pay full retail), but are in the same price range as Pinaud products and are more expensive than the Canadian Booster products (CAD$8 for 14 ounces), which are both quality lines of products.

I can't say anything about the other Crusella's scents, but these ones are simply vile. I smelled them twice (the initial smell and then another one to confirm that they were as awful as I thought they were) and then consigned them to a sturdy recepticle that would be disposed of as soon as possible. Having done this, I feel that I have indeed made the world a better (or at least less smelly) place.

I know that this is a pretty strong review and that it is possible that someone out there loves this stuff to the point where they take a daily bath in it. I mean no offence, and to each his own - everyone is free to wear whatever cologne they want, I just ask anyone who wears either of these products to do it as far away from me as possible.

You have all been warned!
I felt this way about Salter's Vetiver shaving cream...


But like you say, to each his own....

Now if everyone would just open their eyes and see the light regarding Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet..... :blink:

Suzuki said:
I won't even try to decribe them beyond saying that both smelled like rancid cough syrup.

Tyx for not describing them- now how about telling us how you really
feel about these scents!:wink:

I just had to try it, so I added a bottle of the Crusellas Road Opener to a QED order. I agree - this is some nasty smelling stuff. My daughter said it smelled like a cheap drink mixer. Oh well, $4 lost, could have been much worse.

Now on the other hand, M&L Florida water is cheap too, and I love it!

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