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Warman's Groovy Journey

Soo, not sure where to start with this. I started shaving probably in 2005-2006ish in my freshman year when I was 15. I used the standard getup every male my age and generation inevitably did, a three-bladed razor, some canned goop, and the works. I did this repeatedly for about a few years before I graduated high school.

Age 17-23: Used electrics as I hated paying those ridiculous prices for blades. I used the cheap electrics so I never had comfortable shaves with these, just acceptable ones.

Age 24: This was the beginning of the nirvana when my last electric ran out of gas. I was fed up with the irritation I got from using bad electric razors and sought to return to a regular razor. I think I ended up seeing one of those Pawn Stars commercials with the double-edge razor as well as my parents telling me about old-timey DE shaving. So, I decided to look into the whole thing. My first foray was a rather rushed one where I started watching Geofatboy of Youtube and took up his recommendation for a Parker 99r razor. I paid about 40 bucks for the razor and the Astra blades I would use for the next three years.

Age 25-September of 2018/Age 27: This period was marked as me using a DE safety razor still with normal canned goo. In hindsight, without doing the proper experimentation or getting feedback from forums like Badger and Blade, I ended up only getting descent shaves. Not the closest as I got cuts from using the Astra blades and Parker combo. Eventually this got tiring and I reverted back to various cheap disposable options.

September of 2018 to November of 2018: Here I looked into Injector razors and purchased a type I. Pretty good razor and have been using up to now.

November 2018 to Present Picked up a Van Der Hagen (Baby's first) wetshaving kit and let me say its the best thing I have ever used as I don't have to put soap all over my hands and the amount of control I have over the soap is pretty incredible. Not to mention, I can just add shave lather whenever I need it for a clean-up action with little effort from the lather process I do earlier before a shave. Right now I'm using this kit and a Type I as my only razor and daily driver with Chick blades. My next plans are to get a GEM razor and some Prorazo soap to use once the Van Der Hagen runs its course.
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