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Walking on the Wild Side

I've been thinking about this for some time, and decided to toss a post out there to see if anyone else feels this way. . .

It seems to me that, if I'm honest about it, one of the major attractions of DE shaving over a cartidge is the element of danger associated with using a sharp razor blade ensconsed in a well made shaving tool.

Just knowing that I *could* cut myself if I'm not careful forces me to devote my full attention to the shaving process. Unlike a cartridge, which I can just zip back and forth over my face in nearly any direction without fear of retribution, even my trusty Merkur HD can give me a nasty gash when loaded with a fresh blade--or an old one, for that matter.

I have to admit that I like this element of danger lurking around every corner that is part of the territory with wet shaving. It makes me focus--which is tough enough early in the day!--pay attention to my technique, and respond to the visual and aural cues that the razor provides during my shave.

All in all, this may be the greatest advantage I find to my new shaving routine--it forces me to slow down and pay attention to my daily grooming, which has led to a multitude of other improvements in my routine.

Make sense? Am I nuts? (About this!:mad:)


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Mitch, I don't think you're nuts at all. In fact, your words appear to be those of one who longs for a straight razor.:ohmy:

You don't have to be a psychiatrist to realize the obvious: you're repressing some deep held desire to hold a really dangerous object against your neck. :001_tt1:
I have had similar thoughts. That may be why I've had this strange urge to buy a straight. And you know, with all the danger and stuff, the babes dig it.
That's just way tooooooo scary!!! :eek: I'm not lookin' for danger...and that's still the main reason I still using the training wheels on my DE!!! :wink: Afterall, it is OSHA approved that way. :biggrin:
PottyDoctor said:
That's just way tooooooo scary!!! :eek: I'm not lookin' for danger...and that's still the main reason I still using the training wheels on my DE!!! :wink: Afterall, it is OSHA approved that way. :biggrin:

I figured OSHA would only approve it if there were some electrical safety device that kept it from operating, such as those ever wonderful light curtains, when someone was within three feet of it. How you use such a razor beats me but seems like an OSHA-type thing to do.
slcsteve said:
The juxtaposition of the words 'razor' and 'nuts' give me pause.:behead:

Ok, we should never use these 2 words together-like Steve, the thought that came to mind was not pretty.(remember Lorenna Bobbit?) :eek:

I don't think you're nuts. For me the shaving ritual always gets a high attention (now that I'm DE shaving it gets a fully focussed attention) but I don't think the risk of possibly cutting myself is what attracts me to this.

I like the fact that I'm shaving the way people used to shave decades and decades ago. I like the feeling a DE shave gives me afterwards: a fresh, clean shaven but unirritated skin.

I also have the feeling that at the end of the day, my beardhairs have grown in a more beautiful way than was the case when I used a Mach3 or electrical razor, however this will most likely be a placebo effect.

I just love the fact that right now I can talk with my grandpa and exchange experience etc. He was delighted when I told him I was taking steps back to shave the oldstyle.

I have only cut myself 2 times (during the same shave with a blade used for the 4th day and I was a little unfocussed) during 1 shave. For the rest I've had very enjoyable shaves (both the prep, during and after the shave it gives me some feeling of satisfaction which is hard to describe) and when I cut myself, it were very small ones.

I do know that if I do it completely incorrectly, put too much pressure etc that I can have results like in Scorceses Big Shave, but that cannot really happen unless you're doing it intentionally.

I fear the use of a straight razor though since I often times have problems with keeping steady hands and positions. DE shaving is also sensitive to that but in a lesser way that straight razor shaving I assume.

Ah well, I feared the use of a DE as well and thought long and hard about ditching my Mach 3 and now I come to realize that I should have done it much sooner. I guess the same will happen for switching to a straight razor, however the difference will be much less.

Both the ritual and the results of DE shaving are very enjoyable. I take it the same applies for straight razor shaving. The end results will be approx the same and are miles and miles ahead of any result you can get with electrical or Mach 3.

Ah well, I'll stop my rant. I'm getting off topic here.
I don't think you're nuts. Remember scars are cool and they make you look dangerous, also the ladies love them. You should definitely get a straight. Or have you considered shaving with a chainsaw? If that appeals to you then you really are nuts.:out:
Shaving with a chainsaw is indeed rather weird, although the lumberjacks in Oregon used to shave themselves and each other with axes:eek:
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