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Waits Safety Razor Compendium

I just wanted to throw this out there. I bought the download from Lulu today and it works just fine. If you use "remarkableyear305" code you can pick it up for 11.96 instead of the 14.95. BTW no affiliation to lulu or anything just seen they had it and had a code. I don't know how long the code will work.
Just ordered the Waits Safety Razor Compendium from Lulu.com and in the process of downloading right now...looks to be an excellent reference tool.

There are multiple and frequent discount codes available for Lulu. I used "2011SURVEY" and got 20% off. Just do a quick search for the latest and greatest.
The price is right. The download is ten separate zip files, which then must be unpacked. These aren't small. When you do this, give yourself enough time to download them all. It too me over twenty-five minutes on a DSL line to bring them all in.

I'd own this book in a heartbeat if I could ever find it in hard copy. But my guess is that it would cost a fortune that way.
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