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Wade Butcher 7/8 American Razor Custom Scales


Wade Butcher American Razor model/Scalloped spine engraved.This razor originally had an American eagle engraved on the blade.This one had been very roughly ground in the distant past (partially removing much of the eagle engraving),so it was necessary to regrind the blade to about eigth hollow,and remove the remaining engraving,then finish to EELL mirror.This belongs to a member here,and will ship tomorrow.The spacification are below.Best regards Gary

RAZOR #: RC 875

MANUFACTURER: Wade Butcher American Razor


BLADE TYPE: Eight Hollow/American Razor 7/8 with scalloped spine/engraved scallops/strong makers mark/mirror finish/completely defect free

SCALES: Custom Blue Planet/German silver flush rear pins/embellishment silver pins in amber wedge/Adjustable tension bullseye pivot pin

CONDITION (1-10): 9.5


VALUE (1-10): 9

COMMENTS Beautiful defect free razor/good collectors value/and an excellent shaver
Beautiful work as always, Gary! Thanks for sharing.
I have the honor of owning two of Gary's restorations and they are better in person than the pictures could every show.
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