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I started collecting straight razors in July and have been shaving daily with straight razors since some time in August. I have way more razors than the 7 day rotation I was originally gunning for. Somehow I have over shot. And yet, I still feel the need to buy more razors. So alas, I must get rid of some. All of these razors would make fine daily users. They have been cleaned up, honed, stropped, and test shaved by me. I am still learning and no meister, so let's call them "shave ready". They are in fair to good condition with minor blemishes, but no major issues. They open and close correctly, the bevels are setup to be easy to hone, tension is correct, they are sharp enough to comfortably shave whiskers, etc. I only have boxes for the first two. Prices include PayPal fees and shipping to the Continental USA. Outside of continental USA we can probably work something out. I'm happy to answer any questions and provide more pics or info if needed. I will refresh the edge, strop, disinfect, oil and pack nicely in a real shipping box. No padded envelopes. More pics coming. I will put pics of each razor on a separate page.

Thank you for looking.


Top to Bottom - More pics coming in following posts

1. $30 Kropp 5/8 Made in England, Ground in Hamburg, Black Plastic Scales
One of the scales arrived to me split near the toe pin. I repaired it with SuperGlue. It's made it through honing and a number of shaves. There is also some missing paint or lacquer or something on the scale near the toe pin. The blade itself is near mint except some discoloration near the pivot pin. Everything original, even comes with the original box in fair condition.

2. $25 Giesen and Forsthoff Adoration 5/8 Hand Forged Solingen, Orange Swirl Scales
Lots of patina that I didn't bother polishing off because it's got a nice deep blue to it. Very smooth buttery shave. Moderate hone wear. Even wear except for a little narrowing at the toe. Comes with original box in poor condition. On the box it is written in pen: "JS Freeman's Straight Razor, 9/26/50".

3. $25 KinfolksUSA Blue Steel Special 5/8+, Yellow Plastic Scales
Nice razor, speaks for itself. Some hone wear, some spots and scratches here and there. Tons of life left. I would keep it but I have one almost identical NOS.

4. $25 Wade and Butcher Lather Well Shave Well, Near Wedge, 5/8, Fancy Faux Bamboo Scales
Nice etch. Some hone wear that is messing with the etch. But it's still mostly visible. The hone wear is pretty unavoidable because this thing is only about 5% hollow. Very close to full wedge. It's in very good condition.

5. $50 Cutlerix 5/8+, on the back it says Hart Solingen Germany, Yellow Plastic Translucent Scales
This one is too nice for me. I need razors that are dirtier and less sophisticated. If I keep it I will inevitably destroy it. It shaves beautifully, but beware the point. It's rather harsh. I could mute it a little bit, but I would rather not touch this one and mess it up, so I am letting it go to one of you all.

6. $20 Muschel, Double Hollow Ground, 6/8, Germany, Stained hardwood scales and fancy brass collars
I don't really know what to make of this one. The blade is in excellent condition with a mirror polish and minimal, even honewear. The scales are ridiculous. Maybe you are or know a wet shaver with massive hands. I found their razor.

7. $15 Gold Dollar 208, 13/16, Plastic Scales
This is a beast. The second straight razor I bought and the only one out of 60 or so that I bought new. I thought maybe I would modify it, but I have way more fun fixing up the vintage crustbuckets. Shaves fine, but I only got it honed. The spine is still ridiculously thick so closeness is lacking.


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Kropp Sold
#2 $25 Giesen & Forsthoff Adoration Solingen
#3 $25 KinfolksUSA Blue Steel Special
#5 $50 Cutlerix Hart Solingen

Make me an offer. I'm also interested in trades. I'm especially looking for 1900-1920s shoulderless with heavy grinds.

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