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I was wondering if anyone out there owns the vulfix 38, i was thinking of buying that Monster just to see what it would be like to lather with a 14oz brush with a 38mm knot and almost 8" tall.
Thats a lot of money to pay ($199) if it lathers like a mop, and/or feels like a rake on my face.

I am also interested in the shavemac XXL 30mm knot brush, if you own one i'd like to hear your thoughts on that one also.

As i'm sure you can tell i'm gettin itchy for another new brush for my ugly mug, not that it will make me any prettier, but it might make me feel better, thanks guys, Charley


Charley: I have a 30mm XXL shavemac with the white-faux ivory- handle. I will tell you that it is my favorite cream brush, as it lathers up any cream effortlessly and makes a meringue just about all of the time. When I use it with a Castle Forbes cream, it is so fragrant I can eat the lather. The brush barely opens up and it keeps the lather at the tips. Now in the hot pot, it does not really keep the lather warm as the brush takes up a lot of room and it does not really "squish" flat into a latte cup that I use.

For the money, it is one heckuva value and I really like it in use better than my SMF1 brush (although the SMF1 brush is too pretty to look at)

Look at my avatar....got four Vulfix #38, two in pure, two in super badger; one standing in my bathroom as an icon for my passion, one on my desk with the same purpose, two in my study cupboard vitrine.

Only once used this brush though; way too big to use for sink shaving, but definitely very practical for shower shaving (Sam!!!)....:w00t:

As for a Shavemac with a 30 mm knot: got the #167 and the Savile Rows 3132 and 3332 with a 32 mm knot and i just love to use these; it's just pure indulgence to lather up with a badger shaving brush with such a huge loft....
decadent but indulgent:001_smile

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