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Vitos Extra Super (Red) scent vs other italians

It has taken me a fair while to try one of the italian soft soaps - mostly I have been put off by the thought of the almond scent as I don't like it and definitely don't like marzipan :thumbdown

anyway managed to get a sample of the Vitos Extra Super (Red) on the basis that it has a weaker scent than, say, Cella, from what I have read. After using it I can say that I definitely smell marzipan though it is not overwhelming. The scent that I can't make a decision on is that it distinctly smells of fat (not bacon fat but mutton or beef fat). A soap smelling of almonds and fat is interesting to say the least.

So now that I have a baseline how would you say the other Vitos and Cella scents compare to this Vitos ?

Do they also have the fat component to their scent? Does the Vitos coconut have coconut and no almond?

I can smell only Almond in the Vitos Coconut. The packaging when I got it definitely said Coconut, but I don't smell it at all. I also don't smell fat.
The Coconut Red does smell slightly more coconut-y than the regular red, but not much. The coconut is definitely not a strong part of the scent.
These soap scents are as much YMMV between individuals as anything else.

Even between batches of the soft soaps there seems to be variation of scent according to some.
a bit of an update ...

Used the soap a handful of times and the scent has settled down - the fat is not really noticeable and soap now smells just like a mild marzipan - in retrospect think the fat scent I was picking up was simple the base note of the marzipan. For someone who doesn't like marzipan this scent is weak enough not to be off putting.

Very happy with the performance - but that was no surprise based on the continual good reviews of the italian soaps. Has convinced me to seriously consider some razorock for a scent I prefer. This soap is definitely an option for PIF'ing to new shavers - cheap, easy to lather and good quality.

Don't think it will see much action in my bathroom simply because I am not a big fan of the scent - will persist for a couple of weeks and see if my opinion changes.
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