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Virginiasheng shaving brushes?


I have been searching on eBay on shaving brushes and there seems to be a new seller on eBay who sells shaving brushes from China.

And I found yesterday some threads here that people had positive experiences with badger knots from virginiasheng and to me it seems to offer some badger shaving brushes and also finest like Frank Shaving sells, but he sky rocketed the price as soon he gained much popularity.

So I'm interested in pure badger grade shaving brushes and finest grade shaving brushes as it seems they offer much value.


Pure badger shaving brush 20mm $ 10,99


Finest Badger shaving 20mm $ 15.98

I find the price difference between the pure and finest so low that I would think I would choose finest as I already got some pure badger shaving brushes.

So what to think off these shaving brushes?


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Thanks so I actually think going with her finest would be fine and I probably wouldn't end up buying an bad brush. But yesterday se declined all mine best offers I made, but I tried one now again, but if she declines it I guess I just have to use buy now.
I had some ebay reward bucks and nothing to use them for, so I ordered the ivory 20mm finest brush you pictured, plus a 22mm finest with a wood handle that they had on sale. Looks like they got to LA two days ago, so any time now...
I quite like those imitation ivory handles as well as it doesn't look as cheap as an plastic handle like this one from Frank Shaving. I have a defective silvertip like that from Frank Shaving thats why I know its an cheap looking handle.
Yeah, it looks decent, at least in the pictures. Here's the 22mm wood handled one I ordered:


It was on sale for $14 shipped when I ordered it. I didn't really need two more brushes, but I couldn't make up my mind between them. :001_tongu
Oh yes I tried get that 22mm one as well but she declined mine best offer everytime and suddely she ended the listing so now its $ 19.87 listing.

But I think imitation ivory might be a better choice then wood handles perhaps.
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I will see it when I get it. But I read enough positive messages about this seller to order it and in general many people have been positive about these Chinese finest badger shaving brushes.

I only think people shouldn't compare it to shaving brushes that cost much more ( like 3x a 7x as much orso ) as that isn't a fair comparisment.

But I know for a fact that silvertips from Frank Shaving aren't that great, so I stay on purpose away from Chinese silvertip shaving brushes and feel finest will be a safer choice as lots off people have good experiences with them.
Well, my 20mm and 22mm showed up today. They both look nice and feel nice, and seem to have plenty of backbone. They're probably a little too similar though... I should probably BST one before using it. The rubber will meet the road tomorrow though when I can lather one up and use it.
Mine showed up today as well and first impression is really good and when I holded the shaving brush it really felt firmly and it is definitely not light. I weight it and it showed 50gram in total and that is similar to mine Edwin Jagger Best Black Badger.

$VirginiaSheng Finest Badger.jpg

The overall height of the shaving brush is about 95mm and its a bit smaller then mine Edwin Jagger BBB which is 110mm, but the loft is about 55mm which is the same as mine Edwin Jagger BBB. The density looks alright, although i'm no expert in it, but I know a very high density doesn't say everything.

$VirginiaSheng Finest Badger density.jpg

$VirginiaSheng Finest Badger next to a Edwin Jagger BBB.jpg

Overall the first impression is good and just now I did a test lather to get rid off the smell and the brush really takes alot off water when soaking and when i test lathered with it really created a lot off lather, all though it was just to help it break in and trying make the smell less.
I have two of her silvertips, a 28 and a 30, and I am quite happy with them, especially for what they cost. I will be buying some of her knots when I get home. And probably a 26mm finest for a travel brush that I wont shed tears over if it grows legs.
Yes its mostly about the knots where the positive feedback is about, but that was enough for me to take a risk and order the finest badger shaving brush from her.

I think Virginiasheng might be the new Frank Shaving in regards off shaving brushes that offer a high value for money. Because with Frank Shaving's popularity his prices also skyrocketed so for it was interesting to look for other sellers and I also didn't wanna have a shaving brush with a cheap looking plastic handle or an handle that looks like a b*tplug.

So in terms off appearce the Virginiasheng really looks good for the money I paid.
Does she do customs? If so, maybe she would do a high-quality bristle, low loft synthetic on request. (I face lather,and I can't hack the wind socks.)

I took some new pictures in daylight and I must say I really like its appearce and because its smaller size it looks a little like a Wee Scot, but then 25mm bigger and cheaper and less luxurious looking.

Please keep in mind the shaving brush wasnt fully dried when taking the pictures.
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