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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by L.A. Jones, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. L.A. Jones

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    I have enjoyed shaving with some vintage (1975?) Williams soap but was frustrated by the price, and lack of availability, of the product. I wished there were some samples out there. Now, for a limited time, samples are out there.

    The puck is so dry and brittle that it does not easily accommodate cutting. In lieu of that I grated the soap, adding just a touch of water as I went, and patted it down nicely into an empty tub. The soap has settled nicely and will accommodate cutting (I had excellent lathering using the grated soap this morning… better than the hard puck yesterday).

    I plan to cut this into marble size chunks. You can take the chunk, smash it down into your soap dish, and get a shave or two out of it. This seems like the best way to get the largest number of usable samples (if you know of a better way let me know… I realize grating soap is unsettling to some). I hope to get 15 to 20 samples… but I may be overly optimistic.

    If you have read this far… here is the good part. I will send out these samples, postage paid, for free. I will put them in a small plastic bag and mail via a standard envelope. I don’t think the sample will dry out… but if it does water will certainly revive it.

    I don’t know how many samples I will get but if you are interested respond here. To separate the chaff from the wheat identify the best album ever recorded, and/or the best song ever recorded featuring a Hammond tone-wheel organ and Leslie, and/or the best “obscure” time travel movie.

    The 3 category winners will get a sample… (also there will be a winner at large for making a comment that did not address the listed categories but was deemed to be unusually worthy/insightful). Everyone else will compete via a random drawing. Again not sure how many players we will get (fewer players may yield bigger sample sizes). I will leave this open for 24 hours.

    Williams solo.jpg
  2. Donnie Darko
  3. We all know the best album was Radiohead’s ok computer.

    Best time travel movie was Bill and teds excellent adventure.
  4. Should have clarified. Best obscure time travel movie-Donnie Darko.
  5. Best Hammond tone-wheel organ song? Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Loving.
  6. Obscure time travel movie. Groundhog Day. Obscure because it doesn't mention the mechanics of the time travel and many people overlook it being a time travel movie.
  7. nemo

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    Not in on this generous offer.

    May not be the "best" but in high school I sure liked this version of Stormy Monday.

    Is that what you're talking about, Mr. Jones?
  8. L.A. Jones

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    That is a screaming Leslie!
  9. L.A. Jones

    L.A. Jones Contributor

    This is closed out and it looks like everyone is a winner. "Donnie Darko" is definitely an acceptable answer... I will have to also accept "Groundhog Day" based upon the reasoning presented. "Gimme Some Loving" is spot on... the "Stormy Monday" version is also noteworthy.

    Basil was almost disqualified for listing RadioHead's work ahead of Sgt Pepper's, Pet Shop Sounds, or something by Queen, Bowie, James Taylor or Alison Krauss. However I will note that he is from Canada and the Long Cold Winters will play tricks on a man's mind... and hearing.

    If the four winners will PM me their mailing address I will send out the soap tomorrow or Thursday. Since there were only 4 players the portions will be more generous.

    Basil please include your complete address (I have never sent an item to Canada) just the way I need to write it on the package.
  10. I now know what a Hammond tone-wheel organ and Leslie sounds like. Pretty distinctive.

    Thanks. Looking forward to comparing with current Williams.

    Creative PIF too!
  11. Got in too late
  12. Not in, my regular ol' modern williams keeps me plenty happy enough....

    I just wanted to chime in and mention that your question really socked me in the belly. I've been listening to a hammond organ jazz radio show every friday night for over 5 years and your question made me realize how little i pay attention to song/album titles. i can name a handful of the well known organists, but names of the songs and albums make me draw a total blank. i've been listening to jazz my whole life, i can whistle and hum probably over a hundred different tunes but i can hardly name any of them :out:

    the show is - Organized on SiriusXM - RealJazz channel hosted by Joey DeFranceso....i can at least name his latest album - In The Key of the Universe - because he's been promoting it the last few weeks.
  13. Got this yesterday, shaved with it this morning. Interesting stuff. Not much scent to my early morning nose, but it makes a whole lot of rich, dense lather.

    Thanks for this!
  14. I received mine a couple of days ago. Have been comparing with modern Williams.
  15. Sorry I'm too late (I'd have enjoyed trying vintage Williams), but I'll still chime in anyway with my favorite obscure time travel movie.

    That's Time after Time (1979) with Malcolm McDowell as a good guy (!), the great David Warner as Jack the Ripper, and Mary Steenburgen.
  16. Good answer
  17. I know we've come to a conclusion, but I thought of the movie "Primer". Its a very independent time travel movie.

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  18. L.A. Jones

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    Primer is an excellent choice.

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