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Vintage Injector Blade dates?

I recently purchased a translucent amber handled Schick that came with a matching injector cartridge with about 10 of the original 20 blades in it.

How can I date these blades? The blade cartridge has these markings:

B47 PAT. 1969945 Made in USA

No holes in the blades, they are solid. Would like to try one--just don't have any idea what they're made of or how ancient they are.

Let's see...Eversharp bought Schick in 1946, but didn't put their name on the razor and blades immediately. Sometime in the late 40s, the Eversharp name appeared on the products. By the late 50s, the Eversharp name no longer appeared on the razors, but was still on the blades. I guess it was a psycological thing having Eversharp on the blades. From what I remember as a child, Eversharp originally produced mechanical pencils, which, of course, did not require sharpening. This is off the subject, but Japanese electronics manufacturer "Sharp" also started out making mechanical pencils. There's one on display at Sharp's US headquarters in New Jersey.

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