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Viccel socks

There always seems to be a thread or two pop-up once in a while about socks. Most recommend Gold Toe or some British brand that costs an arm and a leg. I have worn Gold Toe for a long time, but the quality is not what it used to be. I also cannot justify paying $30+ for a pair of socks. I purchased some Viccel socks about four months ago after reading several positive reviews on here, Style Forum, and Ask Andy About Clothes.

The socks are 100% cotton. The cotton is mercerized, which allows it to stretch like nylon. What I think really separates these socks from others is that they allow your feet to breath. My feet feel better and smell less (if at all). The socks have held up to multiple washes.

You can order the socks in OTC, mid-calf, and in three weights: winter, summer, and super fine. I ordered summer weight initially, but placed my next order for winter weight because I could see my skin through the summer weight socks. The mid-calf socks, like 99% of other mid-calf socks, do fall down somewhat, but unlike other brands, not to the point where if you cross your legs your skin can be seen. An OTC pair would solve this.

Viccel is owned by a Turkish family. Their English is perfect, they are always friendly, and they respond to e-mails promptly. They offer free worldwide shipping from Turkey, regardless of how many socks you order. Give them a try.
I have purchased a couple pairs in the past a may go back for more. Like you, I purchased the summer weight because my feet get warm rather quickly, but find them too thin. How are the winter weight? Thick?

The owner of Viccel (Kemal?) posts on these boards from time to time and provides a link to his site that will automatically apply a BB discount.

Have you found that the socks shrivel up strangely after a wash and dryer?
I also got the summer weight which is very thin, but they are for summer, aren't they.
The Goldtoe I get at BJ's, Sam or even in Marhalls/TJMaxx are in my opinion the best bang for the buck. Just wish they came in more different colors sold in these stores.
The winter weight is the thickness that I am used to. If you are used to dress socks where your skin shows through, you will probably find the winter weight too thick. I have not found the socks to shrivel up. Have you?
Just ran across the site on Ask Andy last night. Emailed to ask about sizing, but no answer yet. Colors look fabulous! Anyone have merino wool? In any brand of socks? I haven't experienced that and was wondering what it was like.
Ordered 5 socks. After reading reviews on styleforum I sized down. So bought 4 Regular and got 1 free Large. Think the large fits better :( though there isn't that much of a difference. They seem very small once they come out of the laundry but when you put them on they're fine. I love the socks though! They breathe perfectly! Great quality. Makes you stick out from the rest of the crowd. Going to order more! What are some of your favorite colors?
Great socks, very affordable if a little thin. I love the color selection as well. What is that old quote, your dress should reflect your career and your socks should reflect your mood?

The only down side I've found with them in the USA is that shipping takes 1-2 months, probably in part because our customs is very aggressive towards packages from the region.
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I don't buy from box stores if possible the service lacks also places like costco sell seconds or poor firsts can't stand bad seams on my socks. I splurge on my feet and face but i wear shoes that i am on feet ten hours a day no breaks.
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