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Verdict on Art of Shaving? Need Help...

Is this stuff any good? Is the sysetem good for someone having problems like me? I really need help guys- right now im going on a "no shave" period in which i hope some of my problem areas (mainly neck) heal/repair themselves of ingrown hair.

Should I moisturize every night? Use whitch hazel daily? Is the AOS stuff a good way to get on the right track? right now I have alot of stuff, including Proraso, Palmolive, C&E Nomad cream, Trader Joe's/Alba cream shave, Kiss My Face, and Williams mug soap. I just got my Long handle Classic, and letterk's sample pack, yet I don't want to have irritation/ingrown hairs going forward. So im going to wait for my beard to grow for a few weeks. Is this a good idea? read this post and please offer any advice. Thanks-

Just a quick reply as I have to go to work. The photo you posted looks like my neck does if I do too many passes or too much pressure.

Perhaps try doing less passes on your neck and seeing if the skin improves? I found all of my ingrowns stopped completely when I switched from a cartridge razor to a DE, I used I get 2 or 3 a day with a Mach3 but after switching to DE I've had just 1 in the last 4 weeks!

I haven't used AOS products other than a sample of their unscented shave cream. But for after shaving I use either GFT Coral Skin Food or Limes Skin Food. I find these are really nice for me, very soothing indeed.

What I also do is wash my face with just warm water before bed (no soap) - and when it's dry I put another application of skin food on before going to sleep. I find this makes my skin heal better overnight and the morning shave is usually 'nicer' as the skin feels more hydrated and more supple.
I use their Lavender Shave cream and Badger brushes. I think the Lavender shave cream is excellent. Their badger brushes are good but I only have low end badger brushes Pure and Best. But they do work great for me. I can not speak of any other product. I use witch hazel after each shave and it leaves my face nice and smooth. As far as technique, if you feel you are shave properly then I would go the dermatologist route just to ensure there is no other isuues to address. You might be sensitive to some products and it may be the cause of the problem you are having. Hope it gets better.

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