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Veg and Vanilla

I too like the Vanilla. It's my favorite AS period. It doesn't smell much like vanilla but it still has a very nice scent.
Where is my ban button? :lol:

It's not just you, I feel it has the shortest staying power of any Pinaud I've used so far.

It's a shame, I wish they could switch the staying power of the vanilla and regular clubman. Or tone one down and beef one up LOL
I live the vanilla but I think the scent fades the quickest.

I would have to go with The Veg at the number one spot and Clubman Gentleman and Mandom Man battling for the number two spot.
I have The Veg, and original love them, the Veg sticks around pretty good. I PIFed the VIBR to my son because SWMBO hated the heavy clove but sons SO loves it. I've got the vanilla and SR on the way
Vanilla and SR arrived today. Had an afternoon shave followed by Vanilla, man o man I love this stuff, wish it stuck around like the Veg. Clubman original I like a lot but it's going to have to fight for use.
Yeah, the Vanilla is pretty awesome. I've gone to getting dressed then applying it to my face and wiping the rest on my shirt. It lasts a little longer but not as much as I would like.
I think the vanilla has the shortest staying power as well, but I don't think that's actually a bad thing.

If I'm using my summery cologne with a lot of green notes (True Religion), then I use either Gilette Cool Wave or Clubman Vanilla that morning when I shave, since those two are the least likely to interfere. (The base of True Religion is oakmoss, hence the Cool Wave.)
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