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Vape Stores in your city, should we have threads dedicated to your city

Hi all,

A big thing for me is that I had trouble finding the stores, then, while going over there can be "fun", at the same time it's not easy to know what to expect. My experiences have been interesting as from one place to another, the differences can be quite drastic.

So I'm wondering if others would see this as a valued area for threads.

Now, this isn't to endorse or bash any store, but to speak of the experience, and such.
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Well i'll give it a go. I'm in Blue Island IL and there are several locations around. Mostly tobacco shops with a modest selection of vapes, but for vape-only stores, there's a kiosk in Chicago Ridge mall and a place called Vape City on Pulaski that's pretty much the vaping equivalent of a coffee shop, with chairs and tables on one side and nicely layed-out gear in glass cases on the other. Went in there the first time today for an atomizer and found myself charmed. Guy working the place knew his stuff, and they have a store membership thing to let you know about sales and whatnot via text message. If the place lasts I can see it being my go-to. I also hear from my roommate that the local(and as far as i know only) dispensary has vaping stuff, but obviously i haven't seen for myself as i don't have a card. I'm originally from north alabama, and the only place I can speak to personally there is the head shop in Decatur, Zero Gravity, whose vape section had grown into the entire front corner of the store last time i was there, plus the "tobacco section" in the back where they keep the "waterpipes." There's also a lovely tobacco shop in Madison called The Humidor, which has all one would expect from such a place in terms of merchandise plus a green room(brown room?) with several leather armchairs paired with wooden side tables. This was where i got most of my supplies back when i was into actual smoking. Very classy place.
I'm in the South Jersey / Philadelphia area, and there are more vape shops around here than there are $tarbux. I've only been to two of them in person, when I first got started.

One store was better selection and prices on hardware. The other had better prices on juice.

But now, I do all my shopping online. Ive got enough hardware to hold me for a year or so, but I still like to look to see what new stuff is coming out.

For juice, I've settled on www.naturally-extracted-tobacco.com as my supplier ... from my first order of a couple 15ml flavors to test him out, and I was blown away by the quality and flavor of his juices. Since then, I've ordered 6 more bottles to reach his $75 free shipping, and that should hold me for about 3 months.

His juice really, really tastes like tobacco, not a synthetic chemical blend that is kinda, sorta, almost tobacco-ish. You have to taste it for yourself, and then you'll know how good it really is.

He does cigarette flavors, cigars, pipe tobacco ... whatever you'd find in an upscale tobacconist, he's got it.

I also ordered a bottle of Islay Peat with 0mg nic, which tastes like Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. You want Bourbon or Rum or Wine flavors ... he's got that, too.

Each order is handcrafted, any PG/VG ratio you want, any nic level from 0 on up, even odd increments like 11mg instead of 12. He can do it, and his shipping is very fast.
For an extra $1 he can double up on the extract strength.

Prices are a little bit higher than other eJuicers, but for the quality and service it's well worth spending a little bit extra.
If any of you ever get down to Southern California, there are some fantastic Vape stores that are solely vaping products. I'd recommend Golden Coast Vapes and Vix Vapes.

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I've been buying my hardware from www.vapordna.com

They have a really good selection of all the major brands of mods, tanks, coils, etc.
They also carry batteries, tools, and other accessories.
They do carry e-Juice at good prices, but I buy that elsewhere.
Their FREE SHIPPING threshold is only $49.00
Service is very fast. I normally get my orders delivered in 3 days from CA to NJ.

Every weekend they launch some crazy-good sales on featured items ...
For example, I picked up a $90 / 220W / 2x18650 Mod for only $19.95.
Next order, I got a $30 Wotofo Flow tank (fits Baby Beast coils) for Free with a $50 order.
Etc. Etc. Etc. ... Each sale only lasts for the weekend, so you have to act fast.

Check 'em out!
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