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Unscented Soaps and Creams

I have been using AoS unscented soap and cream, and they have been absolutely great. I am new to wet shaving, mind you, so they were my first products. Further, I think the unscented AoS soap smells phenomenal, btw. It definitely has some sort of scent (I thought it was my badger at first, but it has stuck).

Recently, I found some Trumper's for a deal, and while the coconut soap is pleasant, the sandalwood cream really irritates, and even burns, my skin.

I want to experiment, and I will to some degree with the more modestly scented Trumper's products, but I am really looking for more great unscented/lightly-scented soaps (I prefer them to creams for the most part).

I guess I have sensitive skin :blush:
Kiss My Face Unscented is terrific. It's very cheap and readily available. Try Whole Foods or any other organic or health food store.
I prefer unscented products also ... not because my skin is sensitive, but I prefer no scent for purely aesthetic reasons.

Some of the best that I've found are:

generic Witch Hazel as an ASL splash
Bigelow's #1200 ASB
KissMyFace Fragrance-Free Shave Cream
C&E's Naturals LIne for Men
barc cutting up shave cream is amazing. unscented, slick, and moisturizes pretty well. its 20 bucks, but it lasts for so long; ive been able to get lather for three passes out of a nickel sized amount of cream
Just about all of the handmade glycerine soap vendors have a unscented version that should fit the bill.
I make shaving soap and find I have to be careful with scenting. Typically .5 fl. oz of fragrance per lb of soap is the starting point. Sometimes this will make a very mild soap a face eater. Scents on the acidic side are more likely to do this. Also it varies from person to person. Sometimes even day to day. I know that diet makes a difference for me. I always recommend unscented soaps for people with very sensitive skin.
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