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Under my very nose: question on technique

I've been wet shaving with a Jagger open comb razor for about seven months now. I look forward to waking up in the morning. That is until I get to the end of my shave and the toughest part, under my nose.

My problem, besides a largish honker, is getting those hairs just below my nose. I suppose I'm a bit hesitant to do an upward stroke for fear of cutting myself. But a mere downward stroke generally doesn't do the job properly.

I'm about to buy a combless DE to see if it will help. Does anyone else have this problem or overcome it?
This very question was recently addressed in another thread. One technique suggested was to take the razor and gently slide it into the edge of the nostril, lower the angle until you can feel the blade touch the skin, then gently shave the area in question.

Alternatively, some guys keep a disposable or other DE razor that has a smaller form factor handy for just this purpose. Its a less elegant solution, but as I tried it this morning I can report firsthand that it works well.:biggrin:

Good luck, and let us know how you do.
Thanks, MROB,
Was the thread you referred to under Method Shaving? I'm not sure I can visualize your first solution. As for the second, well, it would work, since I used a disposable in the past. But it does go against my sense of aesthetics. Inelegant, as you suggest.

I have been using a BIC Metal disposable razor for this area. The razor head is very small and allows you to shave easily in this area. I shave my entire upper lip with this razor but use either a Merkur Futur, Progress or Schick Injector for all other areas. If you can't find the BIC Metals the Schick ST razors work pretty well also.

For those of you who couldn't sleep last night out of concern for my a/m problem; I tried a new razor, w/o comb, and used a Gillette disposable for those problematic area beneath the nostrils. It will certainly serve the purpose until I become more skillful, or tougher.
Thank you, xcubbies--now I'm off to bed. Exhausted from staying up all night worrying about the hairs under your nose.:biggrin:
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