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turnback revisited

After reading Joel's review of the T&H turnback, I fought off the urge for a couple of weeks. Finally, I could stand it no more and off to the Ashford website I went. I got the last mock ivory turnback they had.

When I travel, my shaving objective is to get as close to an at home shave as I possibly can. I've been traveling with the canister style brush and while it's a nice brush, it's just a little on the small side for my liking. Enter the turnback.

The footprint is basically the same on the two brushes so in the travel kit, one takes up no more space than the other. A tie between the two contenders.

Height wise, again, about the same. Another tie.

Once you get to the business end however, it becomes another story. The canister brush has been used multiple times. The turnback once so is probably not in full bloom yet. No tie here. Knockdown goes to the turnback.

This brush was tremendous. Like Joel mentioned, while it has a loose knot, it is very soft, built a great lather, and dried quickly.

The only part of the brush that didn't particularly work for me was the long handle. I prefer a brush with a short handle. After two passes, I unscrewed the brush from the handle and used it alone. At this point, the diameter of the handle is only slightly smaller than the canister brush but was still very managable. Almost felt like I was at home with one of my regular brushes.

For me, overall, a clear win for the turnback. May very well work its way into my rotation and not be relegated to just a travel brush.

If depends on how much you travel as to whether a travel brush is worth the investment. I'm out one or twice a month so for me, it's a good spend.

Anyone need a slightly used canister brush?

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Hi DE,

Congrats on your T & H turnback purchase! I enjoyed reading your review. Unlike Roughrider or yourself, I prefer longer handles. I find that they make it much easier to whip up a nice lather.

I do agree with your point about the long handle and the ease of whipping up the lather. I did leave the handle on while working up my lather. It's when I'm applying it to my face that I prefer the shorter handles.

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