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Trumper's Curzon (Kurzon?) cologne....

I got a sampler pack from Trumper's, and this was in there. This morning I just opened it up and slapped a little bit on my wrist without smelling it much.

Oh...my....G'! This stuff is seriously FOUL. I mean TERRIBLE. It smells like a burned out campfire into which somebody threw a styrofoam plate. I mean godawful!

What the heck were they thinking?!? I think I know why they call it Curzon. Some guy put it on and the first woman he saw said, "What's that awful smell? Did somebody put a CURSE ON you?"

Just an awful stench. I had to wash my wrists off with soap and water, and it still stunk a little.:9898::nuke:
Curzon is definately not for everyone. It's one of the few Trumper scents you have to be real careful not to over apply. Once the initial scent dries down however, I find it pretty nice. It's hard to describe, but to me it has a woodsy scent with a bit of sweetness to it.

Not my favorite from Trumpers, but not bad. I can certainly see how some gents might be turned off from it.
I had the same reaction to roughly 1/3 of Trumper's scents. The worst is Skye in my opinion.

They definitely skew more toward the old-world barbershop, but in a bad way. Oily, pungent, sharp fragrances that don't sit well with me at all.
I had the same reaction to cologne samples that many rave about. (i.e. Eucris, C & S 88/Cuba, English Fern, etc.)

After going back to many of these scents, I now have a new appreciation for them. I could not understand the love for Blenheim Bouquet... now it is one of my favourites.

+1 in regards to allowing some of these scents to have a full dry down. I liked the Curzon. Very old school.

I imagine BrickTop in the movie Snatch wore Curzon. Refined or a beast... your call.
I liked it until one day it blooomed on me in my office and I had to go outside for a bit. Couldn't trust it any longer. IMHO it's not a far stretch from Chanel Antaeus, which is (was) a masterpiece.
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