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True Wet Shaving:

My parents are in their 70's and have been divorced for a long time now. They live about 1000 mile apart. Recently I have made phone calls to each just to talk and say hello. While catching up and making small talk I casually mentioned that I started a new hobby of wet shaving. I really didn't think they would have any interest at all however each one of them after being informed about wet shaving asked, "Do you make your own lather from soap,with a brush in a bowl?". I answered yes, to which they both responded that is a very good hobby.
I definetely got the impression that if I had answered no to the soap, brush and bowl that I was going to recieve a rebuke from them. At least to them SOAP and the making of LATHER from it was a necessary part of true wet shaving. Their great parents!! Love them both.:smile:
My dad has always used a brush and Palmolive cream. I used to take the mick.

Turns out he was right all along! He uses cartridges though - only 2 blade ones. Will try and get him into DE again (he's 80....)

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