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Trouble with New Glasses


Did the Costco eye exam and frame. Meh experience. When I picked up the glasses the fitting consisted of a clerk saying, "Those look fine."

I played with em, adjusting the $100 Ray Ban frames a wee bit, tried wearing em for a few days, but they seemed to either press too much on my nose or were too loose. And they gave me a mild headache.

Took them back today. They were not pleased, but as I was insistent, they issued a refund. I am out the cost of the exam...as I will have a new one done elsewhere.

Problem with the exam? The lens? Frame? Dunno.

I like Costco. Good place to buy toilet tissue.
Dont skimp on eyeglasses, dentistry and footwear.

Get thee to a good doctor of optometry who has a nice selection of quality frames. Once you are squared away, then you can start to skinflint by taking the Rx to a Costco or other low cost provider (warby parker, etc.)

Getting properly fitted is the difference between forgetting you have glasses on and having to constantly tilt your head just right to be able to see clearly.

Yes the markup on frames and lenses are obscene, but pay once / cry once
You shouldn't mess with our eyes. My wife is an Optometrist. And while everyone always associates them with fitting glasses, there is so much more to it than that. If they do a proper exam, they should be checking for disease. Often you won't experience any symptoms but an eye exam should identify any issues. So you have the health issue to consider. Then when it comes to fitting glasses or contacts, there is so much more to it than just putting a frame with lenses on your face. The frame needs to fit your face properly and the lens prescription needs to fit the frame so there are all sorts of measurements for that. And with contacts, especially with people who have astigmatism or keratoconus where the shape of the eye is different, that impacts the kind of contacts you can wear. Go to an Optometrist who owns the practice instead of the brand name shops. Some of the brand name shops are owned by the Optometrist but the company's restrictions on the doctor often make the entire exercise simply a business proposition as opposed to a doctor who cares about your eyesight. You may pay a little more but your overall experience will likely be a whole lot better. And I've heard people say an Ophthalmologist is better, that isn't always the case either. Many if not most Ophthalmologists spend most of their time doing surgery since that's where the fun and money is. But that means they don't tend to refract all that much while an Optometrist pretty much only refracts all day long. That's their specialty so you want someone that spends all their time doing that. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. But don't neglect your eyes.
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