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Travel pack

Good evening gentlemen,
I am in the market for a travel pack. C&E has one that looks nice @$66 and they are currently having a sale so that is the one I am leaning toward. Any advice? I'd be interested to know what you all use. I'd like to get a somewhat nice one that will not need to be replaced so I don't mind spending a little money.
roughrider said:
Check out TJ-Maxx, Marshalls, or Ross. I was at TJ-Maxx today and i saw a nice brand name leather travel pack for $10 or $15.

At TJ Maxx I bought my son and son-in-law an original leather Dopp brand bag for $15. They are usually $35.
Kyle said:
I have lusted for that hot little number for many moons. Please tell me that it is terrible so I can stop wanting one.:biggrin:

It's terrible and you'll never see me without it while I'm travelling. I got the tan oiled crossboarded hide one which is a bit softer than the faux croc finish (which I bought my brother). It ages really nicely, since the honeymoon period where I'd keep it in absolute pristine condition. It now has character, which makes it look much better. I use a Magellan Travel Kit to decant my usual products into small but safe Nalgene bottles which fit very nicely inside.

Here's mine with it's usual contents:


I don't think I'll ever replace it, it's pretty much perfect.
Go to the Briggs & Riley site, they have very nice toiletry kits, leather or ballistic nylon, your going to pay but the quality is worth it, I travel weekly and could not imagine not having one of their kits, it holds everything I usually use and hangs up on a hook or in the closet.
Thanks all, too many good suggestions. I'm holding off for the moment to research further.
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