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Travel Kits

I just found a terrific site for small travel kits. I do not know if these would be allowed on airplanes or not, but there are a bunch of different ones you can choose from and I think this is very exciting. These are inexpensive and you can make up your own custom traveling package with the many different plastic bottles. These all fit into a plastic bag. The prices are really good and they even come with a page of labels to use on the bottles when they are filled.


It's worth a look! Let me know what you think.... :smile:

Bear Hugs!!!

Sue (Mama Bear)
Looks good Mama bear, but I would say that's a definate no for the carry on luggage, checked in would be fine.

Fly the friendly sky. yeah right.:smile:
Well, at least it would not hurt so much if you had to throw these away... I haven't flown in a while but I am hearing horror stories of folks who have had to throw wonderful items away...

I think if you have to put stuff in a box when you leave in Chicago, you should be allowed to pick stuff back out of the box that is there in Boston.. or where-ever... ;-)
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