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    I've been trying to work down my stock of soaps and am part of sabbatical this year. This is allowing me to use some soaps that have been in my cabinet for a while. I realize how I ended up with 2 to 3 years of soaps--there are so many good soaps out there right now from traditional (Cella, Prorasso, PdP) to artisan (Stirling, WSP, Dr. Jon's, etc.). And it's not just brands--Stirling alone has a crazy number of scents plus seasonal offerings. Just about everything I've used up goes in the "I should buy it again list."

    It's probably not fair to newer artisans, but I've decided to stick with brands I like for a while (and trying more scents) before finding even more favorites.
  1. I'm doing a similar thing. Have a 10 soap/ cream rotation at the moment. Trying to get that number down.

    When I do reorder. It will be replacements of soaps I like and maybe 1 or 2 new soaps to try out.
  2. Marco

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    My magic number is 7. :thumbsup:
  3. I just had one soap for years, then added another when I signed up here last autumn. Since then I finished the first, and added three more, so I'm currently at four, which is the most I've ever owned.

    For me, four soaps feels like too many.

    I'll be working through the latest three, but then just sticking with the original two. I appreciate there could be a whole load more soaps out there I like, but I've learned that I'd rather stick with those two than go scent chasing.

    I might try a few samples from time to time, but I don't think I'll be buying any more full size soaps without trying a sample first. I think I'd rather have a few choices of fragrances (EdT) and a couple of good unscented soaps, than an array of scented soap. That just makes more sense to me.
  4. I know what you mean @AZBronco!
    My favorites list keeps growing.

    WK; DG; Noble Otter; B&M Reserve; Sudsy Soapery; Oleo; Midnight & Two; Henri et Victoria Duc de Santal (new tallow triple milled formula); Mike's Natural; WSP Formula T; Fine; Tabac; Haslinger; Stirling; etc...

    Yet to try:
    Saponificio Varesino 4.3

    That's just crazy for me, & I know for some this is ain't even touching the surface of other people's soap collection.
  5. emwolf

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    I change my soaps almost as often as I change my socks. Variety is the spice of life. Sure, I've ended up with some stinkers, but the majority have been excellent. This morning I shaved with Summer Break Soaps Picture Day. Tomorrow...who knows?
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    Seven is a good number, but I've surpassed that with soaps. :001_07:

    I have a few favorite Stirling soaps. I like all the Proraso soaps. I really like my Captain's Choice creams, but now that I've used PdP 63, they all fall well behind.

    I have a tub of Wholly Kaw Chypre Rose Concerto on its way as well as Midnight & Two The Coast and T&H 1805.

    I want a nice range of scents but not a lot of soaps.

    I'm curious Robert, how do you like and which other soaps would you compare your Midnight & Two too? Theres not a lot to read about that soap on the forum.
  7. Easy to collect a lot of soaps these days. WK donkey milk, B&M reserve, and probably tallow and steel have a permanent place on my shelf
  8. i like sample sized soaps/creams and full sized aftershaves/colognes. all the nice soap smell gets rinsed off and then immediately ruined by the stink of witch hazel anyway, so it's really the aftershave/cologne that gets you smelling nice thru the rest of the day and also still gets used on days without shaving.
  9. Esox

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I dont use any post shave products, just a wipe with a damp hand towel. This is why I like a soaps scent to linger a bit.
  10. a new thing i've been trying is - after the stinky witch hazel blast, i wait a few minutes, rinse it off, and then wash my whole face and neck and hands with the leftover lather from my bowl to get the nice smell back.

    and instead of washing it right away, i leave the lather in the bowl next to the sink for a few hours so i can still smell it in the room, and i can take a little fingertip plop rubbed into my upper lip under my nose to keep sniffing it a little longer whenever i pass the sink LOL
  11. Esox

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    Oh man, hahaha. You've got it bad, but then, so do we all lol.

    I'm always popping lids to have a sniff.
  12. Since I have a crazy amount of soap on hand, I'll try to use the same soap during weekdays and pick whatever I'd like on the weekends. This gives me the ability to actually finish a tub every so often.

    Now I just have to be very, very selective about what I buy.
  13. Mike, the Midnight & Two is excellent in my opinion. A little on the pricey side but the ingredients of the highest quality. This Canadian artisan is in the top echelon of vegan soaps. Slickness is amazing. The lather quality is very yogurty with a silky sheen to it. Reminds me of Declaration Grooming, Wholly Kaw, & B&M Reserve as far as the lather quality goes. Some say the post shave is a step below some of tallow soaps I mentioned, but I find it pretty good for me. You're right, it is not mentioned much on the forums, but it sure is a worthy contender with the best of them IMO.
  14. You can always order samples to satisfy your curiosity.
  15. Esox

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    None of which I've yet tried, but they're all commonly known as being upper echelon.

    They are pricey, but so is Wholly Kaw. My order for it was $39.99CAD shipped. At $10 per ounce, thats up there.
  16. You are a gentleman after my own heart!! I am in much the same situation on my 2018 Shaving Purchase Sabbatical (and realized that I have around 5 years of soaps in my stash-AT LEAST :a13::a13:)
  17. I am aiming for about 10 soaps, currently at 16 and have been using one soap on weekdays in order to used it up, usually the ones I won't be buying again.
  18. I also have many soaps to work through but I’m getting to where I want to be. Which is only a 4 soap rotation.
  19. I have been exploring a variety of soaps lately, more out of curiosity than need. I understand that a 4 oz tub of soap might last 3 months. Thus, I might have enough soaps to last 10 years, even if I do not purchase any more.... which is unlikely.

    I just created a Microsoft Access database to keep track of all my soaps. I established a rating system for criteria such as scent strength, scent preference, ease of loading, ease of lathering, slickness, residual slickness, cushion and post shave. I have found that the top artisans are pretty close in performance characteristics, so my preference in soaps hinges largely on scent. In alphabetical order: Barrister and Mann, Cold River Soap Works, Declaration Grooming, Oleo Soapworks and Wholly Kaw all produce wonderful soaps. If I picked my favorite scent from each of these artisans, that would give me five superb soaps.

    Some of the soaps from the top artisans are rather expensive. However, there are some mid-priced soaps like Captain's Choice and WSP Formula T that are just slightly below the top artisans in performance, so they are great values.

    I know there are other great artisan soaps out there that I have not yet tried: Shannon's, Mike's, Stirling, Fine's, Noble Otter, Grooming Dept, etc. I am running out of shelf space, so it might be a while before I try them.

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