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Too Canadian? Sorry.

There was a thread about what makes you proud to be Canadian. But it seems to have disappeared. Did we get too radical crazy again? Whoops.
They were talking about hockey,
the cat was talking back,
round about the time everything went black.
Wasn’t that a party?


Was wondering where it had gone! Good banter in there that unfortunately slipped into unpleasantness a few times (that I saw)...

In any case, big thank you to the mods/admins for doing their jobs.


Wanting for wisdom
Moderator Emeritus
Is there such a thing as being too Canadian?

I had a few posts in that thread. I'm a Canadian Ex-Mod like the two who just posted here above this. It was clear that it was getting out of hand and perhaps I even contributed to the mess. It was fun. There is a lot more fun to be found here. Enjoy.
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