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Timor TTO vs Weishi?

Is there a definitive answer as to whether the Timor TTO is just a re-branded Weishi or not?


Timor TTO:

Are they made by the same company, the same weight, blade gap etc?
They do look really similar. I wouldn't buy one though. I saw a Timor in a store in Madison, and right out the box it had a lazy silo door. It also felt decidedly flimsy.
I dont have any experience att all when it comes to these two razors. The Timor looks more well built and solid. Knurling looks better and the the Timor proberly weighs a little more. If you look at the sidecaps, they're thicker on the Timor. If I had to choose, the Timor! :biggrin1:
I used to have a Weishi. I still keep the Timor. The Timor feels more solid and better built. Also, the Weishi is less efficient than the Timor. I can compare the Timor with Slim on 2 or Slim Twist/Knack, the Weishi is even milder than that, something like Slim on 1.
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