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Yesterday, I received an email with UPS tracking info from Tiecrafters that the 4 ties sent on August 14th are enroute. :thumbup1:


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As always, everything meticulously packaged.

I already like what I’m seeing. :yesnod:





This is the seven-fold tie (which came out great) laying over a wider-patterned tie.


I think the silhouette of these ties now would be acceptable no matter what the current style would be.

I have now had 8 ties cleaned and narrowed by Tiecrafters. They provide an outstanding service and do excellent work.

They will get another shipment from me soon. I am pleased with their work, not to mention that my tie collection has now been rejuvenated with an assortment of “brand new” old ties. :thumbup1: :biggrin:



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First dent in the armor. Today, I received 4 ties back from Tiecrafters. As with all the ties I have previously sent to Tiecrafters, I asked that they be narrowed to 3.25” and cleaned.

It appears that they have been cleaned but they certainly were not narrowed and I paid for the tailoring service. Hopefully, this is an oversight.

I have sent an email and left a voice message with Tiecrafters. Let’s see what happens when they open on Monday.


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Bobby.....How about wearing that Bolo tie I gave you for christmas in 03?
I was wondering what the heck that was. :biggrin:

Received a very nice phone call today from Andy at Tiecrafters and he was most apologetic and delightful to chat with.

Clearly an oversight and the ties are being sent back at no additional charge to me to be narrowed and they will be sent back promptly.

Kudos to Andy for great customer service and making things right. :thumbup:


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All is well in Tie-land. Received narrowed ties back from Tiecrafters after slight mishap. As always, they did a fine job and it’s reassuring to know that they have attentive customer service.