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Thrift store find.

Try here: http://www.oldspicecollectibles.com/

I believe your find (a great score for $4!) is a coffee mug, not a shaving mug (they are shorter).

Morning Refresher 1984-1985


There are actually two mugs shown here - one decorated (two top photos), one plain (bottom photo). Both mugs are marked on the bottom with an embossed script "Old Spice." The decorated mug was part of the "Morning Refresher" gift set that included After Shave Lotion 4.25 oz. and Shave Cream 6 oz. The set sold in 1984 and 1985 for $10.75. Dimensions 4.0" high X 5.0" rim to handle. I am not sure where the plain mugs came from - perhaps manufacturer overstock that was released without the graphics.

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Very cool.

I have a few antique stores/thrift shops I visit every or every other Saturday. I've scored a few nice DE razors and a scuttle so far.
Great score - congrats! I'm always on the lookout for similar things at antique and second-hand stores, but I don't have the luck that you guys do!
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