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Third Annual "One Blade in February" Challenge

It's that time of year. Time for the world famous "One Blade in February" Challenge!!!

Last year we had 20+ participants. It was amazing. In the first year many used the Personna 74 blade. Last year people used "mortal" blades, like Derbies, Feathers, and Lions. It was pretty incredible to read about Derbies and Feathers going 15, 20, even 28 days.

Here are the "rules":

1. "Try" to use one blade for the entire month of February. That means if you want to try a mortal blade, like a Derby or a Dorco, and you can get it to last 15 days, feel free to use a new Derby Day 16 and continue.

2. Push your
blade as far as it can go

3. Have fun!

4. There are no rules! (see Rule 3)

This isn't a "contest," so if you want to use some magic gizmo to extend the life of your blade, feel free. I will be cleaning my blade with water each day, then swishing in a jar of rubbing alcohol. Some may hand strop it. Just share your method, shaving hardware and software, and have fun!

Feel free to use injectors or SE's. And if there is a way for you straight razors users to play, feel free (like no honing for a month?)

I'm going to check my stash of Personna 74s and may offer a one or two in exchange for a donation to Sue Moore's fund. If you're interested, PM me. They'll be $7.50 each and I might have a couple left. As always, I don't profit...you'll make the donation directly to Sue's fund and I'll send out the blade to you.
I'm in! I've got some NOS Personna 74 DE blades that I've been itching to try, and this is the perfect excuse to finally crack into the blister pack.
Also, my Speick Men SC and AS containers have been open for more than a year, so I think I'll rely on those for the month in order to use-em-up before they spoil.
That will make it a fine time to go into a heavy razor rotation also, working from mild to aggressive, I think.

I calculate 25 shaves in February, since I skip Fridays. If the DE blades are comparable in longevity to the P74 injector blades, that oughta be a piece of cake. See you on Wednesday!
Guys I would be up for this, and would willingly pay a donation if someone fancied sending me a persona 74 to the uk, please pm me for my address and tell he how to donate, cheers Simon
I'd love to participate in this again but it coincides with using a 1912 for the whole month of February to celebrate the anniversary of the 1912 patent. I don't know of any SE blade that is capable of going a whole month, unless I can figure out a way to superglue a P74 injector blade to an SE blade...
Since I know I can get 10 shaves (last 2 aren't the most comfortable) out of a P74 Injector and 8 shaves out of a Feather in my Schick Krona, 6 in a Tech and won't try them in my GoodWill I guess I'll have to pass on this one.
Ahem! I believe it's called the "One Blade in February" Challenge. :whistling:

are you doubting the Blue Personna? I only shave about every 3 days so...9 shaves. It will be pusing it. But I will dry with blow dryer and maybe even use a little blade oil.
are you doubting the Blue Personna? I only shave about every 3 days so...9 shaves. It will be pusing it. But I will dry with blow dryer and maybe even use a little blade oil.
My bad. I wasn't making fun of your blades, I absent-mindedly counted your razor as a blade.
I'm in, I'll be driving my Weber with an Astra SP, I'll be dipping it in rubbing alcohol daily, since that's how often I shave. Did everybody forget that it's leap year? 29 days with one blade! (hopefully)
Man...I can't believe some of you guys don't shave daily....I could never get away without a clean shave daily...but being the boss I need to lead by example....would love to try, but I have never gone more than three days with a blade.....:scared:
I'm in with the Sledgehammer (Merkur 39c) and an Astra SP. I can get a DFS/ near BBS with two passes on the Sledge and I do wipe and spray the blade with alcohol between uses.

I'm trying to get a friend to join in, but this may be no challenge as he's already surpassed 40 shaves on a Treet.
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