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Olympic-Themed Shaves: July 26-August 11, 2024


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It's a bit early, but I had a crazy idea that if I didn't write it down immediately, it would have been lost to the winds forever. With the Summer Olympics in Paris starting soon, I thought it would be fun to have some Olympic-themed shaves between July 26 and August 11, 2024.

The rules are simple. Have fun. Use your imagination. It's not a daily challenge. If you have a shave that you feel is Olympic-themed, share it with others. Pictures are always encouraged.

Here are some starter ideas to get you going with Olympic shaves, but you can be as creative as you want:


Gold: Perhaps you shaved with your Gold Dollar straight. Maybe you have a gold-plated razor. Maybe Back Roads Gold re-plated your razor. Your lather might have been RazoRock Gold Label. Gillette had a Golden Shave promotion on their blades in the past that could be your ticket.

Silver: Your blade was Silver Star. Maybe your razor was silver plated or made from silver. Your brush was a silver tip. Of course, the Gillette Silver Blue is beloved by many.

Bronze: Perhaps your razor was made from bronze.

Games and Sports

The RazoRock Game Changer may have been your instrument of choice. Maybe you shaved with Racer, Winner, or Goal blades. Fencing is a popular sport, so perhaps you shaved with a Wilkinson Sword named product. Lord has a sword on many of their tucks. Viking's Sword blades might get the job done. Champion blades seem interesting. Bruce Lee was a martial artist, and his Cloud blade has cult status here. Equestrian sports are held in high regard in the Olympics and this may be the perfect time to challenge yourself with Derby blades.

The Olympic Rings

Inspired by the Olympic rings, your shave could have been from a Gillette single ring or with a Rainbow blade.

The Olympic Torch

Maybe your shave set your face on fire.

Anything French

Did you shave with some exotic French soap or an Atelier Durdan razor?

Neutral Russians

Russian athletes are able to participate in the Olympics as neutrals, so maybe you can use some now-defunct PPI produced blades from Russia.

Let's see what else you can come up with. I hope to see you during the Summer Olympics! Feel free to reply below by saying you're in, but there's no requirement to do so.
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Collecting wife bonus parts
I think it is a neat idea. Lord Cool would be on the list, but it is more of a Winter Olympics blade. Lord Racer would work though.
That had crossed my mind, but the lack of snow made me opt against it. But you are certainly free to use the Cools during the Olympics!


Collecting wife bonus parts
Another thought…


Every Olympian has to submit a blood sample for drug testing. Did you release blood during your shave? Consider yourself a shaving Olympian.
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