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FS Thinning The Herd...Again

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The time has come for me to sell a few of my razors...4 to be exact.They are all excellent shavers and are in beautiful condition. They are all extremely well made and manufactured. No issues with blade clamping etc. All come with their original boxes.
All pricing is in USD. The prices also include tracked shipping as well. I will ship to the US and Canada.
My reason for selling is I reach for a few specific razors on a constant basis. These are just not getting much attention. These shavers perform very close to the ones I usually use so it's kinda like they're duplicates.
They are from left to right in the first pic...1. Aylesworth Kopperkant, 2. Aylesworth Drakkant+, 3. Muhle Rocca R94 SS and the Hone SS.

1. The Kopperkant. Brass with satin finish, can be polished if you desire. A mild and efficient razor with neutral exposure and a .73 gap. Great handle and a good looking razor. Shaves like the AS D2 but a bit more aggressive. Very nimble and easy to manoeuvre. Also sold out.
$75 US includes tracked shipping.

2. The Drakkant+ SS with a bead blast satin finish. More aggressive with a .99 gap and .15 exposure. An excellent shaver, great handle and very intuitive to use. Very similar to the Blutt 1.20 as far as efficiency and mildness is concerned. Serial number 0218+
$125 US includes tracked shipping.

3. The Rocca R94 SS. Very good looking and a nice bit of aggressiveness. Not a razor to be overly careless with...but delivers a great shave with attention. This is the newest version with the v4 head. Zero issues with alignment, clamping etc.
$70 US includes racked shipping.

4. The Hone SS. Satin finish. Truly a beautiful razor. Very minimalist in design. Manufacturing, fit, finish are second to none. Also a hefty razor weighing in at 160gm. You do let the razor do the work. A gap of 1.2mm. Efficient and mild. I did not find the handle to be slippery at all.
$150 US includes tracked shipping.

Sorry forgot to mention, I do PayPal.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Cheers and thanx for looking.
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OK GUYS! Price reduction on the HONE SS. To allow this excellent razor to go to a new home I am now asking
(drumroll)...$100 USD, which still includes tracked shipping.
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