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FS Blackland BB - Yaqi Sentinel & Tile

Canadian den reduction
I am letting go of the razors I don't use often due to an overcrowded den and preferring others. Shipping included to Canada and the US (that counts as a shipping discount if you live elsewhere).

Blackland Blackbird SS - US$150
Yaqi Sentinel 1.5 SB & Tile, with a Saturn SS handle - US$60
Everything together: US$200

I will add 20 Feather blades to the combo

Everything is in great condition, I always shave and dry each part separately before storing. I have other Sentinels, so this one is redundant for me, but it is an excellent shaver. The Blackbird needs no introduction. Another phenomenal and efficient razor, that I just don't use very often.
I get questions about the Blackbird... I confirm it is in the hands of the new owner. The Yaqi items are still available
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