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FS Shield Titanium DE (choice of handles or both)

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Selling my Shield titanium DE and the reason a little too aggressive for me. Shield made several of these heads (no longer for sale). The blade gap is 1.15 and the exposure is .23. It shaves very well but you get blade feel. I rate the aggression 8/10.

For sale is the titanium head with choice of handles. The handle(titanium) attached to the razor is about 81mm long and the longer handle (titanium) is 90mm long. Also included is the Shield reusable blade bank and nice plastic case.

$75.00 for the razor and choice of handles and shipping USA + fees.
$90.00 if you want both handles also includes shipping and fees.
Shield for sale.png
I am offering the head,larger 90mm handle,blade bank and case for $60 includes USA shipping and PP fees.
The smaller handle is no longer available.
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