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Thinking of Trying a Striaght

Hi all. I'm thinking of trying a straight. My question is; Will one achieve the same level of closeness with a single WTG pass with a straight as one would achieve with a multi pass shave with a DE? I usually do a 3 to 4 pass with my DE right now and I mostly manage to get a DFS with that.
No. More passes are going to help you get closer shaves. If that's what you're going after. I'm one that only does a one pass shave though, with straights or DE's.


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I'm about 2-3 weeks in my straight journey and am doing 2 x WTG with the straight followed by a XTG and ATG with my Slim. As my WTGs become more natural (and it's amazing how fast the learning curve s), I'll also go XTG with the straight and in a few months, tackle ATG if I think my technique is good enough.

So, in a nutshell.... straight WTG is not a replacement for DE WTG/XTG/ATG .... but it is much more fun. :001_rolle
I do multiple passes with my straight to get a close shave. Generally one WTG and one ATG followed by some touch up on my throat.
I do a couple WTG, a couple XTG, 1 ATG, a couple touch ups... and it's still not as close as I get in 3 passes with DE. But I'm still learning so it's to be expected. I just struggle in a couple areas, the rest are as close or closer sometimes without the ATG.
About 10 straight shaves through, and I do 2xWTG and 2xATG everywhere minus chin and upper lip (4xWTG there instead). I try to do without the DE touchups unless really necessary.
Some places still require a lot of attention, especially around the mouth. I am still not at the same level of smoothness as if I was using a DE, but I am gradually getting there. It is much more fun, I must say.


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How long have you been shaving? A close shave takes time... To answer the question.

1 pass with a straight does not equal multiple passes with a DE.


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How long have you been shaving? A close shave takes time... To answer the question.

1 pass with a straight does not equal multiple passes with a DE.


If you're looking to save time, a straight isn't the answer.
You might surprised how close a shave is using only WTG, followed by WTG plus a few degrees toward XTG. And, if you throw in proper skin stretching with the WTG plus a little pass, you can sometimes come pretty close to BBS.
+1 to the above.

While a straight razor will yield optimum results when its technique is mastered, one WTG pass will be the same as a WTG pass with really anything else. A blade is a blade no matter how it is applied, and a straight razor will not inherently give a better shave simply because it is a straight razor. You can indeed get a good shave with one pass, but it's all in the technique. Straights are definitely not something you want to cut corners with.
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Thanks for the input fellas. I'll need to ponder some more as to wether or not to take the straight plunge.
I would suggest getting an entry level setup from whipped dog, minimal outlay that you could turn around and sell to recoup most/all of your cost, and you'll get a tool that will work just fine. That way you can try it out without dropping $100s-1000s on it.

You'll never truly know if it's for you until you try it.
I think it has a lot to do with how you prep but most of all with how your beard grows. On my face the first WTG pass just thins out the stubble in a manner which is not even close to being BBS.
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