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Thinking of my next soap purchase

So far I have tried:

VDH - use in a pinch
VDH Luxury - use in a pinch
Ogallalia Bay Rum - daily driver, but getting bored with it (love their sandalwood and original, lemon is meh, cedar is ok)
Arko - travel bag
MWF - special occasion
RazoRock XXX - special occasion, love scent
Martin de Creme sample - too much $$ for me
Sterling Orange - will replace next spring hopefully.
Other high end samples on special occasion

Looking for a decent soap that lasts and is not too expensive when I stock up for GRU-Christmas.

Any suggestions
Oh, bite the bullet and try AOS..

I'm not sure, but isn't stocking up for the GRU-Christmas kind of defeating the purpose of a purchasing sabbatical?
I'm a big fan of Barrister and Mann. Performance wise it's one of the better ones I have tried. Lots of great scents to choose from as well. Good luck!
Oh, bite the bullet and try AOS..

I'm not sure, but isn't stocking up for the GRU-Christmas kind of defeating the purpose of a purchasing sabbatical?
My samples of Ogallalia are going fast, between all the soap I have I am not sure if I have enough soap to make it to Christmas.
Me too, I like Barristers, also try Mikes Barber shop soap.
Martin de Creme sample - too much $$ for me
Try Wickhams Super Smooth IMO it's just as good, cheaper and you get a choice of scents. All are good apart from the English Lavender, which is a blend and has Pepermint in. I can't get my head round this blend I find it confusing.


Aaron Scissorhands
Stirling-Sharp Dressed Man or North Padre
HTGAM Synergy-Anything
RR Freedberg
Palmolive shave stick
Speick shave stick
At some point you should try TABAC; $20 or so for the soap and refillable container IMHO is not too much considering how long it will last. The scent is polarizing to say the least but the performance is hard to beat.
My favorite soap maker is Barrister & Mann, awesome performance and excellent scents - however I have read that some people do not like the scents as much as I do! Next would be Strop Shoppe Special Edition with Tallow or Limited Edition with Tallow and Lanolin. Excellent soaps, great face feel after and not too expensive, though more per oz. than Barrister & Mann. Another excellent choice is Mike's, but availability is limited and spotty. Worth the trouble, absolutely, but it is an issue. Cold River Soap Works Select line is also an outstanding soap, I highly recommend it. All of those are tallow based and often with lanolin, which tends to be my favorite.

Of the veggie based soaps, Catie's Bubbles and the Barrister & Mann Tre Citta formula are my favorites, with Tiki Bar Soap not far behind. I will also second the Art of Shaving cream, which really is nice stuff, but it's a little bit pricey. I have not tried the AOS soap so I can't speak to that. Basically there are too many options and not enough surface area to shave . . . :laugh:
Seriously check out the new WSP rustic shave soaps. If your focus is price for good performance...you cant beat it.
L'Occitane Cade is one of my favorites. The performance and scent are both very good, it's fairly inexpensive if you don't get the bowl, and it's available at many malls.

But you'll have to wait. It's still September. :nono:
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Maggard's Razors Limes & Bergamot: THE most edible scent you will EVER smell. Oh, and once you're finished oohing over the scent, get ready for a GREAT shave!
+1 for HTGAM Synergy soap. That 8oz tin is going to last a long time.

However, I'm curious. You have several soaps set aside for "special occasions". How many "special occasions" do you actually have? I think you should take those reserved soaps and just use them up, then replace them or not as you see fit.
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