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FS Blowout on soap bundles & sample lots

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In my quest to "try everything", I've bought and traded for way too much. Also, my wife doesn't approve of some things that I love. I need to do some serious den-clearing and am pricing these to move. Condition is scooped only on soaps unless specifically mentioned. All items are lightly sampled (1-3 uses) unless specifically stated below. Please PM me for questions or additional pictures if needed.

CONUS only. Shipping included. Prices firm. Would strongly prefer not to split lots.

Lot 1 - Clearance Soap/Cream Lot - $50 Shipped

  1. Cella Red
  2. Taylor of Old Bond Street Cedarwood Cream
  3. West Coast Shaving Grapefroot Cream
  4. Master Soap Creations Deep Blue (This is 90% and was lathered on prior to being in my possession)
  5. Chiseled Face Trade Winds (75%+)
  6. Stirling Sheep (Lathered in container)
Clearance Soap Lot.jpg

Lot 2 - Seasonal Soap & Aftershave Mega Bundle - $75 shipped

  1. Barrister & Mann Diamond Soap & A/S set
  2. Barrister & Mann Eigengrau Soap & A/S set (Soap unused, balm used twice)
  3. Declaration Darkfall full set (soap, A/S splash, A/S liniment, & EdP. All items used once. A/S splash used 2-3 times)
  4. West Coast Shaving Glogg Soap & A/S set (Soap 90%+, has been lathered on)
  5. Stirling Autumn Glory (90%, has been lathered on)

Seasonal Clearance Soap Lot.jpg

Lot 3 - Oz Shaving Company full sample set (includes seasonals) - $25

This includes all of Oz's core scents, plus, I believe, all of Oz's fall seasonals (Full Moon, 40 Crows, Jack Pumpkin Head, and Foxville). Set has been lightly sampled. I believe this was initially $50.

Oz Samples.jpg

Lot 4 - Mixed Sample Lot - $25

In case the labels are too small for some:

  1. Stirling Frankincense & Myrrh (Puck cut in half, but unused)
  2. Stirling Campania (Half puck)
  3. Stirling Haverford
  4. Stirling Nag Champa
  5. Stirling Almond Creme
  6. Stirling Executive Man (in small round container)
  7. Proraso Green Tea and Oat
  8. Soap Commander Courage
  9. Proraso Sandalwood
  10. Ariana & Evans St. Bart's
  11. Passionately Natural Frozen Earth
  12. Zingari Man The Nomad
  13. Zingari Man The Wanderer
  14. Zingari Man The Watchman
  15. Stirling Glacial Lemon Chill A/S
  16. Stirling Nag Champa A/S
  17. Stirling Gin & Tonic A/S
  18. Stirling Frankincense & Myrrh A/S
  19. Stirling Triumph A/S (This one is about half full)
  20. Stirling Haverford A/S
  21. Clubman A/S
  22. Clubman Special Reserve A/S
  23. Clubman Lilac Vegetal A/S

Clearance Sampler Lot.jpg

Vintage Razors (Take the whole lot with the brush for $55, and I'll throw in some GEM, injector, & DE blades). Prices below are shipped a la carte. These are all "user grade" and in good condition.

  1. 1958 Gillette Ball-End Tech - $15
  2. Schick (Type G?) Injector w/original box & empty original injector cartridge- $15
  3. Gold GEM Push-Button - $15
  4. Everready GEM (Open comb w/flip top) - $15
  5. Stirling 26mm x 63mm synthetic brush - $12 (Used a handful of times. Just too big for my face)
All right, I can see I'm doing this wrong.

I'm willing to break the lots up - anything, any way you want, and find a comparably good price for you.

I'll also consider trades (aftershaves, fragrances, possible adjustable razors).
Currently Pending Trade/Sale:

Lot 3 (Oz samples)
Lot 4 (Mixed samples)
From Lot 1:
  • Chiseled Face Trade Winds
  • Cella
  • Deep Blue
From Lot 2:
  • B&M Diamond Soap & A/S
Other 3 soaps from Lot 1 and remaining items from lots 2 and 5 still available.
I have multiple pending and finalized trades and sales across all five lots. I am going to list everything that is STILL AVAILABLE so that there is no confusion.

Lot 1
  • WCS Grapefroot
  • Stirling Sheep
  • TOBS Cedarwood Cream

Lot 2
  • B&M Eigengrau set
  • Stirling Autumn Glory
Lot 3
  • All four razors

I am willing to part with the remainder of Lot 1 for $26 shipped, the remainder of Lot 2 for $24 shipped, or both for $46 shipped.

The razors I will reduce to $13 shipped apiece, with a discount for multiple.

Again, I will also entertain trades. Some great ones came forward!
All soaps are gone, thanks B&B!

Razors remain available (brush has been sold). Open to trade or sale offers.
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