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Yet another "newbie"

Welcome to the greatest shaving community on the planet! And excellent first post! You are well on your way with some fantastic shaves.

The KCG was my first razor as well and it has never let me down. Sure there are (far) more effective razors out there, but with the KCG almost always a good shave.



You said Mitchell's wool fat was local implying you are UK based.

So If that's true, I have to ask, where did you get the Stirling samples from?

They're on a few weeks break at the moment, but Shaving Time do the 1oz / 28 g Stirling samples for around £6.

That's quite a big size for a sample - based on how much the pots of Stirling I have are reducing in size, I'd probably get 20 goes from that.


On the lookout for a purse
Welcome aboard! Really nice introductory write up. Watch out for the rabbit hole.
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