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Thinking about a moss

Hello gents,
I am thinking very seriously about ordering a small moss scuttle and matching lathering bowl. I use two brushes; a Kent BK8 and Rooney Stubby 2 I have been doing a lot of reading about the scuttle and I would like to know if you gents think that I can get away with the small with those brushes. I am shooting for maxium heat retention here. I am not looking to build my lather in the scuttle, which is why I would order the seperate bowl as well. Let me know if you think I need to go large. Thanks guys!
Just a thought for you to consider. This is going to turn into an endorement to buy only the large moss, without the seperate lather bowl.

I have a large moss scuttle that I've used for every single shave since the day I got it about 9 months ago. The larger brushes I use are a PL8 and T3, the smaller ones are a PJ2 and a Rooney 3/1.

The reason I went with the large was to create lather in it. However, over the course of time, I'm creating less and less lather in it. I use both soaps and creams. I load the brush with soap, or throw a little dab of cream in the scuttle, and start working the brush in the scuttle for a bit. Not a long time mind you, as I barely see the lather start to form. Then I stand the brush straight up in the bowl, and sort of splay the bristles, while I get everything else ready to go....splash water on the face, etc.

The first pass the brush is warm. However, subsequent passes the brush is nice and toasty. In fact I like the 2nd/3rd pass better than the first. When I put the brush back in the scuttle between passes I stand it up and push down a little to splay the bristles out against it.

I think you should consider only the large scuttle. I don't see a reason to have a separate lather bowl.

I just received my Moss Scuttle and bowl this Monday. I have yet to use the bowl, as I can't get enough of the scuttle. I ordered both a large scuttle and large lather bowl. I have been using creams this week (been in the mood for tallow) but I find the lathering capabilities of the bowl as it relates to creams to be pretty good. The lathering bowl has plenty of space to work with and I would definitely use it for some of my glycerin soaps, but the ability to work with the single vessel has been good for me.

Lather is excellent and stays warm for a few passes. Not to mention Bonnyman craftsmanship is excellent and pleasing to the eye. I purchased the cobalt scuttle and matching bowl.
I have both a large Moss and a bowl. I started out with a coffee cup and thought that was all that's needed. Looking back, I'd say the scuttle is a luxury, but the bowl is a "must have"....here's why: I got my bowl from Sara Bonnyman and found that the concentric ridges around the bottom make a big difference when building lather. Besides holding water, I think they help to incorporate air into the lather. I find the larger (>5") diameter couple with the texture of the bottom make building the lather faster and easier.
The scuttle works really well for keeping your lather warm. It is a bit of extra work to maintain. Frankly, in the summer I don't find this to be that much of an issue. I would not consider the small-size scuttle for the same reasons as I gave with the bowl....its just much easier to use than a smaller container.
I had the large Moss scuttle and found it was too small to lather in effectively and that the heat retention wasn't that great. I traded it for a small Moss scuttle and like that better.
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