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Thermometer for Weber charcoal grill?

Hey guys,

I've been enjoying grilling with my wife for the last few months, but I've been slightly bothered by the lack of a thermometer on my new 22.5" Weber charcoal grill.

I know it's not completely necessary, but I'd like some indication of what is going on inside. Any suggestions for good thermometers I can mount into the lid?

Also, where in the lid should I put it? Near the bottom, middle, top, close to the vent, away from the vent? Maybe it doesn't matter, but I'd like to get it right the first time!

Lid-mount thermometers tend to be problematic, as the temp measure that you actually want is one close to the grate, where the food is. Along those lines, I use a turkey fryer thermometer stuck through one of the holes in the top vent. It clips right to the vent cover, and can be angled to stay away from the food, but with the tip close to the grate. Works well for me, and beats having to drill into your Weber.

Happy grilling/smoking!
Great suggestion. I hadn't thought about that! Good point about grate temp vs. lid temp. These are the kind of tips a new griller needs, thank you!

It will be nice to have at least a vague idea of how things or going. Everything has come off the grill amazing so far! This will only add to the fun. Turkey fryer thermometers don't seem to be too pricy either, which is a bonus!

Any other must have item for a weber? What about a handle of some sort for the vent? I've generally been leaving it wide open, but that sucker get HOT!
I agree - just a cheap turkey thermometer with a large round head is what I use. I am a charcoal Weber fanatic. I always use real lump charcoal and probably grill at least twice a week year around down here in Florida.

The times I use the thermometer is when I want to grill indirect at lower temperatures OR when I'm grilling indirect for longer periods of time. I turn the lid of the grill so it's away from the food and just dangle the thermometer in one of the top vent holes. Is it going to give you a perfect reading? Probably not but there is an art to working the bottom vents to raise and lower temperature so with the thermometer you can see if the temperature is stable, rising or falling. Plus you get a just if you're at a higher or lower temperature. I've learned to be able to keep a stable temperature for hours at as low as 280 to 300 for low and slow smoking and on up.

Weber charcoal grills are great. I've been using them for close to 25 years and the flavor can't be beat. Especially with the real lump charcoal. You'll also find that there is way less clean up and maintenance with the lump charcoal. It burns cleaner and there is less waste. Kingsford makes a huge mess and you have to dump the grill after 2 meals. After I get finished grilling I close the vents and snuff the fire. When I return the next time I have a base of charcoal that is ready to go! I just add a little more depending on what I'm cooking. I also use the chimney charcoal starters. Just take the grate out and set it on the lower grate with a little fire starter (not lighter fluid). This gets the charcoal started quickly and evenly.

In case you can't tell I'm pretty passionate about grilling and my Weber! Please don't hesitate to ask if you need any more tips or advice!

Hey I just noticed your from Ohio! I'm a Buckeye myself! I used to cook on my Weber during major snow storms up there. I've got pictures of some tasty ribs on the grill with mounds of snow and a thermometer in the background reading in the teens!

Go Bucks!! Only nine more weeks till kickoff!
I like the remote digital thermometers with two probes, one to monitor the meat temp and one for the cooking chamber temp. I've got three Maverick ET-7's like THIS and have had good luck with them.


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
Tom, that is very cool BBQ geekery! I just used my new Weber today for the first time. I think that would shorten the learning curve for me as I have always been a gas grill guy before this!
I like the remote digital thermometers with two probes, one to monitor the meat temp and one for the cooking chamber temp. I've got three Maverick ET-7's like THIS and have had good luck with them.
I have this one, too. Love it. The range on the wireless seems to be just OK, though.
My Weber has a thermometer built into the lid, but I went five or more years with one without a thermometer and I felt like I cooked the exact same. What I did back in the day was put a thermometer in the food when I open the lid... Pretty simple. It's hard to mess up food in a Weber!
I've got a frying thermometer sticking through the vent in the lid of my kettle. It's setting in the sun, no fire, reading 150*. I could probably stick a match in there and start cooking.
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