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I had maybe 10 different shaving soaps and creams in rotation, until about 18 months ago when I decided to buy no more, to just use up what I had and clean up my shelf.

For a long time very little changed, each day each seemed as full as the last.

Then one by one, all around the same time, I’d see a tiny ring of death appear at the bottom of each tub, and then to grow.

I’d finish one soap, then another and another.

As Each soap was finished so the remaining soaps would see more use until, ever faster, and with a great crescendo, each soap was done.

Finally I’m down to my last one.

It’s my glass jar of Tabac. It’s the last man standing, the warrior that outlasted everything else.

But now that it’s my only soap it’s days are numbered. There are no off days, no friends left to share the load, it will get hit hard every single day.

If it sees me through Christmas I’ll be lucky.

It was hard work getting through all those soaps and it was strangely satisfying when each one was done. I feel almost as if I’ve lost a lot of weight.

I’m going to keep to this minimalist one soap deal for a while.

I don’t know what my next soap will be until I’ve used the Tabac up, but it will be my only one.

I have 2 brushes, 8 straight razors and 4 natural finishing stones also in rotation, I love them all, but this trimming of the fat feels good.


FarmerStan the Man
I too am on a soap/cream sabbatical. Unfortunately, based on my current inventory and usage rate, it may be 10 years before I can purchase another! I think my soaps/creams may outlive me.
Oh, I know mine will.

But it's mostly Arko, so I'm not going to put it in my Will.

My Lovely WD likes the smell, so I will tell her tomorrow to use it as a bath soap.

Hey! Maybe I should wrap them up.... give 'em to her for Christmas doggone! Save me some money on presents! More for me to buy vintage Avon aftershave lotions!

Yes, all y'all's is right: I'm so bright my Mom calls me "Sunny!"


FarmerStan the Man
I got two 12 packs of Arko so I’m set. Also a few Razorock sticks. I have a few soaps but no longer use them. Most of my straight razors don’t get used. I’ll rotate razors every couple of weeks but only my favorites. Minimalism feels like a good clean shave.
How do you like the RR sticks? Never tried 'em. May have to see if I can find a "Cyber Monday" sale.....!


Goose Poop Connoisseur
How do you like the RR sticks? Never tried 'em. May have to see if I can find a "Cyber Monday" sale.....!
They are double or triple milled soap. Pleasant scent but I prefer the softness of Arko but don’t get me wrong, Roaorock sticks are excellent. They may last forever even. I like them better than La Troja. The biggest problem is that they are a bit too large to fit into a West Coast twist up tube. A friend sent me four differently scented sticks and I will use them for sure.
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