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The Ultimate Shaving Cabinet.For Me

Hey everyone, this is my first thread on Badger & Blade. I have been looking at the site for a few years, joined a year ago and now that I have reached 50 posts I'm able to create threads. Its my time to contribute a bit.

A little background about me. I'm in my mid 30s and I'm a collector of may things especially collector/exotic cars, 40 to 50's automotive related items and vintage shaving razors and accessories. I now have hundreds of straights and DEs razors. I have a problem....I know :lol:

Living in a small condo space is at a premium. I also like the uncluttered clean look. Unfortunately up until recently I could not find a proper way to display my collection in a way that I would like. I tried the living room but it just did not work and I also did not want my most valuable "to me" razors displayed in the open were dust and direct light would damage original boxes and case linings.

I had thrown around the idea of displaying them in my small bathroom, the most appropriate place in my view to display razors but I could not find a way that worked. I did not want the boxes or cases out on a open shelf susceptible to moisture after a hot shower. I needed something custom, something that would display my razors in a space saving manner and hide my shaving consumables. I just dislike having that stuff out in the open. Just looks cluttered and messy to me.

So I went searching for a cabinet for months and month that would fit my taste with not success. I happened to be at a local flea market and found a very nicely crafted Oak cabinet at the Maine State Prison for $10 and decided I could figure out a way to make it work.

My hope is that anyone that is looking for a way to display their razors in a very functional manner will consider a custom cabinet build with their own hands. (in my case also with the hands of incarcerated individuals) Will take the ideas that I spent hours pondering in my head trying to bring them into reality in a functional way and incorporate them in your cabinet.

My skill set is more geared towards working on engines then woodworking. I would consider myself a barley average "joe" when it comes to anything wood....so if I can do it you can do it. Granted I had a good start.

Just a word of warning what I though would be a very economical cabinet from a cost stand point turned out rather expensive. Here is a price list. (I'm still building so I will update this)

Cabinet $10
Sherwin Williams Paint 1 Qt $28
Aspen Wood plus other wood related items $80+ (Wood is shockingly expensive)
10 Knobs $30
Textures Glass $28
Sheet Glass $8
Nickel Hinges $26
Brushed/Rollers $12
Screws $10
Porcelain Barber Sign $38
2 Magnet Door Latch $8
Chain $6
Acrylic Display Stands $25

Total so far: $309 .... Yikes

I hope to have the cabinet finished by the weekend and will update with pictures


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Long story short, you can't put a price on what makes you happy for a shaving cabinet. If you like that way it's made and don't mind spending some time & money on your cabinet good for you. Every man has his price. Looks good!
Wow that is a work of Art! you have some serious skills my friend, I wish I had carpentry skills at that level. Unfortunately for me anything made of wood that I touch looks like something a blind woodsman hacked at. Take pride in knowing that there a quite a few of us that would love to have that cabinet and are jealous.

I would buy one. Beautiful craftsmanship. I am jealous, and have been shopping for one instead of designing and building one. Maybe I should rethink and go to the drafting table.
Well done.