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The shimmy

Anyone else do this? For those areas which are hard to shave real close like under the jaw and the moustache--after a with the grain pass, I have been doing a pulsatile against the grain pass. I move the razor in very short pulses at a frequency of 4 to 6 short motions a second. Minimal/minimal pressure (this part is important) and it seems to help get the real close shave which is relatively straightforward on the cheeks in those more difficult areas without compromising safety.
I think a lot of guys do that, only the "shimmy" is referred to as "blade buffing".
Wait til you start trying out straight razors. The contortions and odd positions you will try in order to get that blade where you want it can be quite humorous...and if you don't bleed out, success!
John P.

Hey, I saw the description--yep its against the grain blade buffing. I still like my name for it but I guess that I don't get to patent it.

Thanks for the correct term--searcing it produced several good threads.
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