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The Official "Showing Your Age" Thread

Speaking of blueing, growing moon rocks with it and other dangerous chemicals (?) under the kitchen sink.

Making shrunken (apple) heads.

Being five/six years old and carring a knife around on your person with your parents’ blessing. Then coming home to hone your shooting skills in the garage.

Making and lofting balloons made from cleaners bags, using lye and tin foil to make hydrogen.

Sonic booms on a regular basis. Maybe that was equally related to location, as it was time. I grew up across town from an air base.
@August West--I remember being in Kindergarten and the whole class was lined up waiting to go into the cafeteria to get our shots. I got as far as the door to go in when I looked and saw someone get theirs and I took off running. I ran the 6 blocks home and hid in my room. My mom took me right back to school. 56 years later and I haven't forgiven her.:a16:


George Bailey Fanboy
super huge Who fan. I'm reading Roger Daltrey's memoir right now, just got started in it.
I read Mic Fleetwood's autobiography awhile ago. I of course loved Stevie Nicks in the 70's, as did probably every male my age, lol, but had no idea he'd been around in England forever.
I avoid popular music - autotuned, over-produced, overly compressed - pretty much anything you'd hear on the radio, unless it's campus radio.
I like new Indie music, preferably live in a small venue. I do not, however, care about any lyrics. They might as well be in a foreign language.
:001_huh: I wondered about that.
Then I figured out that the lyrics I did care about were the ones from my teen and pre-teen years, in the '60s. Those were the anthems of my generation.
Now, however, I've got it all figured out, I'm less concerned about the future since there is much less of it remaining (for me), I'm happily married, retired, etc. You having troubles? Get over it.
Just play it loud and fast. :punk::a5::punk:
I remember being in Kindergarten and the whole class was lined up waiting to go into the cafeteria to get our shots.
Can you still see your vaccination scar?
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Postage stamps for a standard letter are 90¢ now? And they don't even print a value on them anymore.

Just a "P" in a maple leaf.


I spotted some genuine Melmac dishes at the Salvation Army Thrift Store the other day.

That was a pretty durable product.

It would be more convincing as a mimeograph (or ditto, or gestetner) if some of the "o"s were filled in. ;)
True. Too bad you can't take a picture of the smell.
This is pretty much how I remember everything about the mimeograph including the postage scale and yes the woman too.