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The "Not Gillette" Vintage DE Thread

This week was probably the first week since 2014 that I didn’t put a vintage Gillette DE to my face. I know only one of these razors (the Star DE) fits the bill for this thread as “vintage”, but some great shaves this week from the Star 100, the Schick L-Type, and the Merkur 37C.


I do still love my vintage Gillettes though...
I got a German "Emil Kronenberg" razor from Solingen. It is probably similar to a Bostonian in size. The nickel plating of the head is in pristine condition. I will post photos on the weekend.

On the underside of the base plate is a reference to this patent from 1925:

I shaved yesterday with it. Very aggressive. I never had a shave as close as that and I didn't have so many bloody dots in a long time.

Wanted to share these 2 Kirby additions in this thread also... Together they really show the delicate art deco designs of the 1930s. And fine mild shavers to boot!
The teeth of the left Kirby look very similar to this Kronenberg.
Handle and baseplate say "Le Coq" to me, but the top cap comes from a different model. I have a specimen somewhere in travel case with identical cap (and rest is bakelite I think), no name but I am guessing german or eastern europe origin ;)
Thanks, any info which can help in identifying the frankenrazor parts more than welcome
Yes, Karl Engels indeed

And yes, it's the double-headed version. It is a very pleasant razor.
I have the slant on its way to me (but stuck en route because of covid-19 flight restrictions)