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Lots of good advice around. Personally I sometimes wish I'd stumbled onto a vintage Gillette Rocket earlier than I did, but then I might have missed some other, very different and also very rewarding flavours, like the fabulous Fatip Open Comb Slant for example - and I'm all about variety (others prefer to find one good thing and stick to it).

But the vintage ones I've found and brought back to life seem to bring me joy on more levels than the modern ones somehow. A great shave is its own reward no matter what you use, but there's something about doing it with a beautifully crafted tool that has survived for 50, 60, or even 80 or 90 years, and has some stories to tell... the downside is it's a slippery slope, and you can spend more than you might intend to, faster than you might think.

For blades... well, I definitely recommend trying a variety pack and seeing what works for you. Just know that there's a world of them out there, and some gems that come from corners of it that you might not expect - I've had wonderful shaves with blades from all over the place!
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