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Hi, guys
Newbie here posting from Staffordshire, UK
Here are a pics of my various bits of gear
The top one is a collection of stuff I've picked up over the years
The bottom one is my regular shaving gear, missing from this is the ach brito glycerin soap i use before evey shave
the progress works well for me, and after years of shaving irrigation, i started to use the parker shavette on my neck and throat area, have to say this works for me
I am by no means an experienced shavette user, but the results have made me stick with this 2 razor method
Thanks, blethenstrom
Been wet shaving for well over 30 years.
Over these years, I have occasionally gone over and tried the cartridges, but never stuck with them for long
Very cool. I am quite a recent convert to wet shaving from electric shaving. I did that for several decades. I have shaves with DE razor now for about 1.5 year and I will never go back. It is night and day difference. B&B is a great community and we have a lot of fun here. Again welcome. Lots of information to be had here and a lot of rabbit holes as well. For me this is a nicest, friendliest forum, that I have ever been part of.
The fat boy and slim were my father's, and generally stay in there cases, but I will take the fat boy out now and again, I also have my own fatboy and slim, but they have both seen better days
I also have the rex ambassador, which along with the progress is my weapon of choice nowadays , but tend to lean towards the progress.
The soaps have been collected over the years, and have recently been using moon soaps
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