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The Last Movie You Watched?


French Exit. Kind of what would happen if Woody Allen wrote Auntie Mame. I enjoyed it, my wife did not.


I think I've commented this before. But one of the best elements in the film is William Holden's narration. He speaks in a hushed voice throughout, like someone talking on the telephone who does not want to be overheard in the next room. It -- along with the dimly lit rooms of Norma's mansion -- gives the film a claustrophobic quality.
You two sold me. I’m going to watch it right now.
Sunset Boulevard. It was a good flick. I enjoyed it. I was surprised how many scenes from this film were parodied in season 8 of the cartoon “Archer (Dreamland).”
It was also parodied at least once on The Carol Burnett Show. I saw that before I ever caught the original -- so the first time I ever watched the actual movie, I had a hard time taking it on its own terms. The second time I viewed the movie, though, the parody had receded far enough into the past for me that the film could stand by itself.
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (2011), directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan on kanopy (library streaming service). Truly a slow burn with a couple payoffs from the two characters that matter. Great cinematography. Basically a police procedural set in Turkey (Turkish director - great English subs, no cc ( e.g. [cat meowing] [phone rings] [door closes] ). I'm linking up another of his: Winter Sleep (2014) next.


My last movie was Dredd. I'd seen the pathetic Sly Stallone version years ago. Thought I'd give this a chance. I think I would have enjoyed it more without the comic book trappings and helmets as just a regular The Raid: Redemption wannabe.
c2008, "Burn after Reading" Clooney, Pitt, Malkovich, Swinton, and McDormond. They tried to make it drop of the hat slapstick but it was a bit too studied. I was glad to have it though, a quiet and someone slow afternoon/early evening.
She's one I'd pay to see read the phone book. One of the best Bond girls of all time.
I understand She will be portraying Moiraine Demodred in a Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan) tv series. Strikes me as a very good casting! Should be a great opportunity for a huge cast too!
Das Boot. Watched my old Director Cut DVD from the late 90s. It looks so much better on our new 65" TV, and new player, then it did on an old 32" tv when I first bought it. My wife of 50+ years chose to hide in another room, texting, while I watched. She says that she never wants to see another submarine movie, after I took her and my 9 yo daughter to see "Hunt for Red October" when it first came out in the early 90s. My wife hated it. Nowadays, my daughter and her husband are into history and weirder movies than me, so they might enjoy it.

I liked early Clancy books back then. I still have hardcovers of Hunt and Red Storm. I gave away the later ones.
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