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The Last Movie You Watched?

MIDNIGHT RUN (1988). We bought it on HD Prime streaming last night because we couldn't find our old dvd after our move last year. It's the only De Niro movie my wife and I ever liked. We both think he's a jerk, but we liked Grodin in Seems Like Old Times and thought they played well together in this one. We even liked the over-the-top profanity, which we usually find offensive.
I watched Another Round a few weeks ago and it was great. More depth than one might realize. I think it maybe just won an Oscar but I'm not sure because I didn't watch the Oscars for "reasons".
"Chaws" free on Tubi. It's a Korean monster movie with some dark comedy elements. Korean movies will often have some humor just thrown in there somewhere. I saw it years ago and watched it again with the wife last night. This is the first Korean movie that didn't make my wife cry. Korean movies are usually quite good.

I remember reading about plans for this movie years before it was made. It's about a giant wild boar that goes on a rampage and wild hogs had just started becoming a problem here. (I've seen 12 at one time. My parents had a reoccurring problem with a particular boar, but thankfully the neighbor shot it.) Another decent Korean monster movie is "The host"
Vacuous double-feature for me: "The Joneses" and "Death Warrant." No art here. Just good, mindless fun.

"The Joneses" (2009) is a satirical confection about modern consumer culture with some spot-on casting that includes Demi Moore, David Duchovny and a very effective Lauren Hutton. Manages some sharp insights despite its general fluffiness.

"Death Warrant" (1990) is vintage Jean-Claude Van Damme in his prime, this time cleaning up a corrupt prison from the inside. No insights and nothing to learn--just plenty of good, gratuitous violence.
My last movie was Dredd. I'd seen the pathetic Sly Stallone version years ago. Thought I'd give this a chance. I think I would have enjoyed it more without the comic book trappings and helmets as just a regular The Raid: Redemption wannabe.
I was the same, I preferred Dredd to the original, but kept thinking "Hmmm...this is just like The Raid but not as good". It was the same when my wife got me to watch The Hunger Games, the whole way through I kept thinking "Hmmm...this is a shockingly bad version of Battle Royale"
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