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The dreamer from Versace


Stumpy in cold weather
I got a bottle of the aftershave splash ... assuming it's the same scent, it's pretty nice in a modern sort of way (been a while since I used it) and I can't seem to shake the impression of green apples in the scent.
Thanks ,I think I'm going to buy it!
I also saw some very good reviews about the dreamer on the net
Sorry Raphael (sp) I thought this was about this Versace (I would love to indulge with cigars and other gentlemen finery)
Let me know what you think. Though, I think I would like to sample this too!
Did you sample it on paper? or did you try it on your hand?
I ask because wearing it on your skin for a day reveals its greatness.
I think you will find that the scent evolves as the day goes on.
I wear this atleast once a week.
Just sampled it on a paper...
You're right : I will have to wear it longer! I saw some reviews about it and some people wrote exactly the same as you.
I think I will buy it tomorrow :cool:
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